25 April 2019

Awkward Moments You Will Experience with Your New-born

Babies bring about all sorts of experiences with them, and some of them are just awkward. No matter how well you feel prepared for that bundle of joy, there will come moments when you won’t know just what to do. Babies are particularly good at causing scenes, and they can do that with a lot more than just random screaming sessions. It all, of course, gets better with time but before then, here are some of those moments you may never forget:


If you decide to breastfeed your baby, you will probably feel relieved when she sucks for the first time and the milk flows. It may be a little painful at first but you will be glad that you have enough milk to feed her. Then comes the endless flow. As the baby won’t be feeding non-stop, the breasts may fill up and well, spill. This is a good thing if your little one is constantly hungry. What, however, you won’t be prepared for, is the overflow. Fancy walking around with two big wet spots around your nipples. And they just keep getting bigger, and that’s when you will jump into the nearest store, get some breast pads then run to the washroom.


One day, you will let out your boob in public to feed your little cozy bundle of joy and look down into their eyes with all the love and affection you can muster only for the said bundle to lift their tiny hand and smack you hard on the boob for it. Everyone will look at you and find it amusing, and the baby will have driven their message home: “submit it faster next time.”


So, one day you are out of fresh baby clothes and are changing your baby’s diaper and they won’t stop crying. You decide to pick them up for a quick feed before fastening a fresh diaper from your baby bag. You start nursing them and two minutes later you smell poop. Before you know it, something warm and moist is on your lap and when you realize what just happened, you want to scream. Welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood.


This is a clever way that babies use to control what their moms can and can’t do. Take, for example, that cool night when you decide to treat yourself at a Chinese restaurant you last visited when you still had cravings and a bulging belly. The baby is calm and is even giggling in their car seat – until you pick them up. The little one screams and kicks and yells and won’t take any amount of soothing. Everyone is looking at you and you are made to understand that you are a nuisance. You have to pick up your crying child and go back home.

Conclusively, babies do have a mind of their own. Being a loving mother, however, you are left with no choice but to clean up, forget all about it and perhaps even laugh it out later.

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