12 April 2019

How to Make Money Blogging?

Are you looking for the most effective ways to make money blogging but find nothing that really works? You are at the right place because this article will help you in learning about the actual ways to make money whilst blogging. You may have read a number of articles but didn’t find any workable information or tactics in those. In contrast, this article is based on a step-by-step process of blogging techniques that is used by the professional and successful bloggers. So, let’s start learning in-depth about it in the next section.

1. Choose a niche that invests​


Before you start blogging, it is a good idea to think first about what your blogging will cover and who will be your audience? Do not start blogging about a large domain or random audience. But the thing to focus is to choose a specific domain for blogging and choose your relative niche with that. Never focus on the whole, but penetrate into specifically chosen audience that would be profitable for you.

For example, if you are about to start blogging about baby foods, make sure to target the mothers in your region. There are higher chances that they would become your profitable customers in the long run. Similarly, whatever product you choose, your audience must be relevant to it and must have the access to it. In this way, when a specific person sees his needed item on your blog, he may make a purchase if it meets his demands. Thus, choosing the profitable niche is the first key to a successful blogging.

2. Use effective communication and rich content


A number of bloggers fail to make money just because of poor communication skills and poor content in blogging. Even if you are selling an ordinary product but present rich content and depict effective communication skills, you can make larger profits. It is not true that some products or some categories are profitable in blogging while others are not. In reality, it actually depends on the blogger for how well he presents his products to his niche.

When you start blogging, make sure to use effective communication skills that attract others towards your site. Display the rich content on your site that impress the audience and urge them to make a purchase. Furthermore, you must also know that effective communication and rich content plays a big role in making money blogging. Without these two elements, your profit margin can decrease to a noticeable level. So, never ignore or compromise on these two things if you want to make money blogging.  You can create a good-looking website yourself using any good drag and drop website builder, like Wordpress and a hosting service from Bluehost which is recommended by Wordpress.

3. Decide on which platform to use for catching the interest of your audience


In blogging, you have huge choices to display your content. For example, you can use google to advertise your content or products to your relevant niche. You can also use Facebook for the promotional messages and for displaying ads to your niche. You can also make interesting videos and publish them on your YouTube page. You can also advertise on twitter and Instagram. You can make use of content distribution platforms, like Adsy and Links Management where you can place your articles and links in some popular online media. In fact, there are numerous platforms that you can use for gathering or catching the interest of your audience.

However, make sure to choose a platform where the customer traffic is high. You can write article with highly optimized keywords to increase the traffic to your content. The use of search engine optimization is the key to success when you write something about your product. Thus, make sure to use the SEOs in your blogging content and create attractive content. It will result in catching the interest of your customer while urging them to make purchase.

4. Grow the size of your email list


Another important tip in making money blogging is to take steps to increase the size of your email list. Add attractive content and ask your visitors to subscribe through entering their email addresses. Add pop ups that asks them to write their email addresses for future notifications. In this way, it would not only give you the email addresses of larger audiences but also helps in sorting out the profitable customers for you.

This is because those visitors who give you their email addresses actually want to stay in touch with you in future or have an interest in your blogging. Those, who have no interest in your products, would not enter their email addresses. In this way, it would help you in knowing who could be your potentially profitable customer in the future and who couldn’t.

5. Generate revenue through affiliating with others


A number of bloggers make money through affiliating with others to display their content. Through affiliate marketing, the chances of product selling to customers gets higher and higher. When you link with other organizations or other websites for displaying their or your content on each other’s site, it results in attracting more customers. When a website visitor clicks on a displayed link, it takes them to your site where they can see many other products. As a result, they may make a purchase and generate more revenue for you. 

However, make sure to only affiliate with those who are already successful and have high potential for growth or larger traffic like Gain Rock which pays you when you refer an affiliate.  In this way, your investment would not go waste but bring profitable results for you. You can also monetize your websites with platforms like Magenet.

6. Adopt the most effective mechanism to meet customers’ expectations


If you want to make money blogging, make sure to give a clear and effective mechanism to your customers. For example, if you are selling a food item, make sure to follow a proper step-by-step process to fulfill your customer need or to meet his expectations. Suppose you are promoting home-made food through blogging and a customer drops an order. He would expect that you will deliver the freshly cooked home-made food to him at him doorstep within the estimated time. Now, it is your responsibility to cook the fresh food, pack it well, deliver it within the estimated time to his door step, and collect the charges. In this way, it helps in building customer trust while making money for you. Thus, following a proper mechanism is very important for making money blogging.

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.

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