16 April 2019

Motorcycle Road Trip Checklist

Motorcycle road trips can be a fun-filled adventure. But for motorcyclists, road tripping is not as simple as fueling up the car and heading off to your destination.  Your dream trip can easily turn into a nightmare if you aren’t prepared for all the things that can go wrong on a motorcycle far from home, especially if you’re riding alone. To keep things on the right track, you’ll want to always have a few important items with you like a first-aid kit, bike survival kit, your Kawasaki motorcycle parts, rain suit, camera on top of your basic motorcycle safety gear.  Without the luxury of space like in a four-wheeled vehicle, packing what you need for a trip on your bike can be even more challenging.

So, before you head on down the highway, here are some important things you should consider:

1.  Invest in a good windshield
With a good windshield, you won’t have to constantly fight the wind, helping you save your strength to keep moving comfortably down the road.

2.  Take plenty of breaks
Rest your back, stretch your legs and drink water to keep your reaction times sharper. Know your limits, and be proactive by stopping every 60 to 100 miles.

3.  Stay on the road with a tire plug kit
Carry a tire-plug kit with a CO2 tire-inflation system or a small pump. These items along with your safety gear and cheap Kawasaki parts can be purchased online from BikeBandit.com

4. Bring some essential and miscellaneous bike tools
If you know your way around a motorcycle, wrenches, sockets and other tools such as hazard light, duct tape, Swiss army knife, etc  can help out in a pinch.

5.  Secure your belongings with bungee cords
Loose baggage on the road can be a motorcyclist’s worst nightmare. Imagine your luggage gets loose when you’re riding on a highway with speeding vehicles! Bring along bungee cords and nets to secure luggage and loose items.  There’s a wide variety of cheap bungee cords and cheap motorcycle parts online that you can choose from at BikeBandit.com, the largest online supplier of high-quality aftermarket and OEM motorcycle parts.

To make sure your motorcycle road trip turns out pleasant, don’t forget to bring your motorbike to a mechanic for an expert checkup before the trip. Happy riding!

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