22 June 2019

Sliding Screen Door Maintenance

Sliding screen doors are good looking and functional but very delicate or weak in terms of durability.
Most of the time they don’t glide smoothly on the track and the screens become torn very often, the
door track becomes full of debris and dirt etc. All those reason make the sliding screen door less
durable and unsteady.

Sliding screen door maintenance consists of few steps. They are more or less like the following..

1. Dusty and dirty screen. It makes the screen unsightly and stops the airflow.

Removing the screen door is always a hassle. We can clean the screens even leaving them in place.
Following few steps we can easily clean them.

Step 1. Bump of the loose dusts using a dry rag.

Step 2. Go over the window screen thoroughly with a soft brush vacuum cleaner. It’ll clean the firm

Step 3. Mix some dish soap in a bucket of warm water. 4 to 5 tbsp of dish soap should be enough
to make a solution. For better result buy Screen Magic Window Screen Cleaner online. Take another
bucket of plain war water to clean the rag which will be dirty during cleaning the screen.

Step.4 Take an old T-shirt to use as a rag. Rinse the rag into the solution and wipe down the window
screen several times. You can wipe the screen from both inside and outside of the screen.

2. Another common issue of sliding screen door is dirty track. Remove the debris, pet hair and dust from the track.

3. Sometimes the frame of the sliding screen door become bend as they are made of lightweight material.  To check if the frame is bowed remove the door from the track and lay it on a flat surface. If it looks bent then gently bend it to the opposite direction until it becomes straighten.

4. Also don’t forget to adjust the tension and lubricate the sliding screen door for a smooth go on the

Best Lubricant For Stubborn Sliding Door Track

Sliding screen doors look splendid and keep the interior bugfree and dustfree as well. But they are so annoying when we have difficulties to slide them smoothly. Being in this business for over 30 years we often hear from our customers regarding this issue. Today we will try to sort out the problem.

 Why Sliding Door Malfunctions??

There are so many issues that make door prone to coming off. Lack of maintenance is the major thing. We always should clean the track, make sure the screws and other parts are assembled tight. Rollers are the main part responsible for stuck door. Try adjusting the roller assemblies, most of the time they wear down. If rollers are not working anymore replace them instead replacing the whole screen door.

If all the above stuffs are verified then lubrication is they next thing to be fixed..

Now when it comes to lubricate screen door track we get confused which lubricant should be used. So many options are there to choose from store bought options like; WD40, Silicone Spray, Grease etc. All those variation makes us really confused which should we go with.

WD40 comes into our mind most of the time to fix stuck doors. But the reality is WD40 is not a lubricant, it’s very good for cleaning metal parts or tools and protecting from rust as well. Besides WD40 attracts dust also which will leave you in a worse condition.  It also turns black after a short period of time.

White lithium grease is also a good option for stubborn track, it’s also comes in spray can like other lubricants. Silicone lubricants are also very popular for lubricating door tracks as it doesn’t attract dirt.

Among all the option above we like to go with multipurpose lubrication cleaner Alum-a-Lub. It’s The amazing spray on oil with “Silicone” cleans and lubricates sliding screen doors, sliding windows, crank style windows, sliding glass doors, power tools and in hard to get places around the house, the job site and the work shop.

Above all, Alum-a-Lub is well known, for its distinct pleasant banana aroma.
Most importantly, Alum-a-Lub never leaves a gummy build-up. Subsequently, Alum-a-Lub cleans up dirt and grime caused by the elements that other lubricants just cannot penetrate. This product is a three-in-one product that lubricates, cleans and protects. Being in the market since 1955, it’s well proven to a better job than most lubricants. It cleans up grime that other lubricants cannot penetrate. 
Never leaves a gummy build up. It was formulated for the metal window and door industry and is supplied a multitude of industries including: window and door, garage doors, sporting goods, apartments, condominiums, hospitals, auto industry, lumber and machine shops.

Get the very best price while buying it from Best Custom Screens and our expert technical team is always happy to help you with any queries on Sliding Doors.

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