29 June 2019

The Inception of Hurricane Cards: From an Idea to Waterproof & Windproof

Have you ever been at the beach or at a pool or on a boat when you really wanted to play a game of cards. Maybe some rummy, poker, or some good ol’ Solitaire? But then your rational brain said, “That’s not a good idea, the cards will blow away or get all wet from someone’s bathing suit…”

Well now you can tell that rational brain of yours to take a rest while you pull out your deck of Hurricane Cards! The first deck of cards that is both windproof AND waterproof. These playing cards are made of weighted material that is both water resistant and carries a high coefficient of friction to keep the cards where they are. They’re perfect for any outdoor activity: Pool, Beach, Picnic, Tailgate, Boat, Patio Bar, Swim-Up Bar, the list goes on!

The idea for these cards came on a very cold, overcast day in the dead of winter in Chicago. I was attending the RV & Boat Show with my family at the McCormick Place Convention Center. We toured all sorts of boats, RV’s, and sifted through the aisles of marine-related products. Just before we were set to leave, we toured the biggest yacht in the show and sat up on the roof deck around a table. I said out loud, “Wouldn’t it be great to be out on the lake playing cards up here, soaking up the sun?” My rational brain thought, no that would be annoying, the cards would fly away and get all wet…

That sparked me to think, “What if there was a weighted deck of cards to play on this boat? Surely there has to be one on Amazon.” I searched the ‘inter-webs’ high and low for any product that could solve this need; I came up empty handed. Being the entrepreneur-minded person I am, I set out to create the first deck of what is now known as Hurricane Cards.

After hundreds of prototypes, numerous wind & rain tests on roofs and balconies all over Chicago, iterations of logos, and final packagings, I’ve gotten the product to something I am really proud of and that provides happiness and outdoor card playing for thousands of people across the country.

If this sounds like a product you and your family or friends would enjoy, you can get your deck of Hurricane Cards at our website: HurricanePlayingCards.com

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