30 July 2019

Baby Gear Essentials for New Parents

Every new parent needs a list of certain essentials for their baby.  While diapers, bottles, and clothes are some of the more common staples, baby gear is also important to have!  What's great is baby gear comes in a variety of price ranges to suit most any budget, as well as a variety of options for colors and functioning.  For those wondering what they will need or what they will add to their baby registry, this article will give you some helpful tips!

Baby Swings and Rockers


Swings and rockers can be very helpful for busy parents.  Not only can they help soothe a crying infant, they can also help lull a child to sleep with a soft, comforting motion.  They're also handy for times when a mom or dad's hands are full with cooking, dishes, laundry, etc. Today's baby swings and rockers come with a variety of options to choose from.  Most have a portable and compact design making them great for on the go!  Many even come with stimulating toys and mirrors to help keep the child engaged.

Baby Playmats


Playmats are great for both infants and toddlers alike!  When you baby is at the point where they are ready for tummy time, an infant playmat will help keep them comfortable.  Many playmats on the market come with sensory additions to stimulate your child such as toys and musical features.  Toddler playmats are also helpful as they can often double as activity mats.  Some come with designs that look like streets so they can play with their toy cars on them, while others feature numbers and letters to prompt early learning!

Play Yard


Another top baby gear item to add to your list is a portable play yard.  What's nice about a portable play yard is that they can be easily transported from room to room or away from home.  This comes in handy for having a place for baby to sleep while on vacation or if you need to keep a close eye on them in the home while doing other things.  Many play yards come with additional features such as a built in removable changing station, as well as toy mobiles for entertainment.

High Chair


While a high chair may not be one of the first things you think of heading out to buy with a new baby, realistically you will eventually need one.  This is a great baby gear item to add to your registry or to pick up ahead of time.  What's nice is that many models now come with adjustable height options, as well as easy portability to take on the go.  Some even come with removable seats that work as a booster seat for when they get old enough to sit at the table.

While there are certainly several other baby gear item essentials, this will hopefully give you a start when you begin planning what you will need for your child.  My advice would be to read reviews on items, get feedback from fellow parents on what their favorite baby gear items are, and tailor your list to what is going to suit your individual needs.

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