23 July 2019

Overview of the Rockaroo Infant Seat

The Rockaroo is a unique infant seat from the innovative minds at 4moms. The Rockaroo infant seat is designed to provide a soothing rocking motion in a compact size that is ideal for parents who don't have the room for more expansive infant seats. The following guide will cover the features, specifications and other important information about this innovative infant seat.


The Rockaroo is a compact infant seat that is meant to mimic the comforting rocking motion that goes a long way towards comforting and calming infants. The Rockaroo features multiple speeds so that parents can find the perfect speed for their infant, whether they'd like to rock slowly or quickly. The most notable trait of the Rockaroo is its distinct and compact size; the Rockaroo is about 1/3 the size of a traditional infant swing, which means it takes up significantly less floor space than the average infant swing. 

The Rockaroo is available in Cool Mesh or Grey Classic. The retail price for the Rockaroo is $159.99.

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The Rockaroo has many features that both parents and infants will enjoy. The most notable features of the Rockaroo are:

·         5 adjustable speeds
·         Mp3 player plugin compatible
·         Removable seat fabric that is easy to remove and wash
·         Reversible toys on toy mobile for fun and entertainment
·         Newborn insert compatible

It should be noted that the Rockaroo does not have any built in sounds or music; it does have an mp3 plug, which can be used to connect an mp3 music player or a mobile device such as a smart phone which can play mp3s. 


The following are the most notable specifications of the Rockaroo.

·         16.5" widex29.6" long
·         11.5 lbs. total weight

·         Intended for newborns (with newborn insert) to infants with a maximum weight of 25 lbs. OR infants who can sit up unassisted

·         AC adapter powered (no batteries required for operation) 


The Rockaroo has a 1 year warranty from the time of purchase.  Parents should check out the official Rockaroo website to find out more about the warranty terms.

Is the Rockaroo Right For You?

It can be hard deciding whether or not an infant seat is right for you and your infant. The Rockaroo’s primary appeal lies in its compact size, which takes up far less space than a traditional infant swing. If you live in an apartment, smaller home or simply don’t have the room in your home for a large baby swing, then the Rockaroo may be the right option for you.

Another thing to consider is what type of motions your newborn or infant prefers to experience when they want to be soothed or get comfortable. The Rockaroo does a gliding back and forth motion; it does not move side to side like some of 4moms’ other infant seats. 

Another reason why the Rockaroo may be the right option for you is the price point. It has a relatively inexpensive price when compared to other electronic infant seats, which makes it more accessible compared to pricier models. 

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