02 August 2019

Information Regarding the Surrogacy Process for Parents

The decision to go with surrogacy is one that is often sensitive and very well thought out beforehand.  There may have been issues surrounding infertility or other personal reasons involved with selecting a surrogate.  At Inclusive Surrogacy, informing parents, as well as potential surrogates each step of the way and making them feel comfortable and cared for throughout, is part of their process.  Given that many people have questions involved with the surrogacy process, the following will help to clarify by explaining how things will flow.

In the beginning of your journey you will meet with staff who are there to answer any questions you may have.  Inclusive Surrogacy is there to provide information and they even offer free Skype consultations to go over your options.  From there you will fill out an application, sign an agreement, and work on completing your profile.  You will also complete a detailed questionnaire which will help when it comes time for matching. 

The next step involves the matching process between prospective parent(s) and surrogate.  This is where your detailed questionnaire comes into play.  At this point your profile will be sent to surrogates who match your detailed preferences.  If a surrogate is interested in your profile she will make her profile available for you to view, at which point both sides can decide if it will be a great fit!  From there Inclusive Surrogacy will set up a conference call so that all parties can start to get to know one another before a final decision is made.

If all parties decide to move forward with the surrogacy process the next phase will be screening.  During screening both the parent(s) and the potential surrogate will have a scheduled appointment for medical screenings.  This is to ensure the health of everyone involved.

The final step in your surrogacy process will be the legal requirements.  An attorney will draft a legal contract that will be reviewed by all parties.  If everyone agrees and signs the contract the surrogate will move forward to begin the medical process.  

If you're interested in surrogacy or still have some questions regarding the process, Inclusive Surrogacy is happy to help!  Located in San Antonio, Texas: Inclusive Surrogacy is family owned and operated.  They pride themselves on treating you like family and would love to help you along your journey!

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