19 December 2019

Tips For Going Back To Work After Maternity Leave

Below, we have listed some of our top tips for parents who are going back to work after maternity leave.

Plan Your First Day Back During The Middle Of The Week

Although your first inclination might be to start on a Monday, planning your first day back during the middle of the week is usually a better option. Working a partial week when you return gives you a chance to catch up on what you missed in a more relaxed way. During this time, you can also make sure that you still have access to all of the files that you need and that you don't run into any technical glitches. By the beginning of the following week, you will be ready to get back into the full swing of things.

Starting in the middle of the week also means that you only have to worry about commuting, arranging childcare, packing a bag, planning your outfits, preparing meals, and saying goodbye to your child for a couple of days. After the weekend arrives, you can then evaluate how things went and make any changes to your schedule as needed. Most mothers are capable of doing just about anything for a couple of days. After dealing with a newborn, everything else seems like a piece of cake.

Another thing that you may want to consider is starting childcare a little bit before you plan on going back to work. This gives your child a chance to gradually get used to the change. If any problems arise, you are available to help, making the transition easier. If you don't have enough time or money to start childcare early, consider asking a family member or friend to babysit for a couple of hours. That way, you can try out your new morning routine before heading back to work to make sure that there aren't any problems that need to be addressed.

Tackle Your Inbox

When you return to work, you most likely will encounter an inbox full of emails. Many of these emails will no longer be relevant since the problem or issue they were discussing has already passed.

To make going through your email easier, take all of the contents of your inbox and transfer the messages to a folder titled "Maternity Leave ". Avoid the temptation to look through them until they are all transferred.

Once they are in the new folder, search for emails from the HR department or your boss. Read those emails while ignoring all of the others.

In most cases, you will get a lot more information by talking to your coworkers directly. Familiarizing yourself with the politics or tone of a topic or situation is usually a lot easier in person.

If you leave all of the emails that you missed in your inbox, it makes it feel like you will never catch up. No matter what you do, you always will be behind. By emptying your inbox, you can start fresh, creating a greater sense of being back in control.

If you haven't already started your maternity leave, consider letting people know ahead of time that you don't plan on reading through old emails after returning to work. Let them know that they should talk to you directly when you return if there is something important that they need to discuss. Not only does this benefit you but it also makes it easier for your boss and coworkers to ensure that any important information doesn't get lost in your inbox.

Make The Transition As Easy As Possible For Yourself

Returning to work isn't easy. It requires a lot of attention and can be quite stressful. Do anything that you can to make the transition easier for both you and your family.

For instance, you might find it beneficial to take a taxi to the nursery or to work rather than walking or driving. That way, you don't have to worry about showing up tired or trying to find a place to park. You may need to ask someone to help with picking your child up from the nursery. You may need to order food from a restaurant or ask your partner to prepare dinner. Hiring a house cleaner can also be beneficial during this time. If you have a nanny or babysitter, you may want to have them work a little bit longer so that you have time to catch up on things around your home after you get back from work. Arrangements like these don't have to go on forever. They can, however, make it easier to reenter the workforce without feeling overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done.

Chances are, you are an excellent worker and a fantastic mom. At the same time, however, everyone needs a little bit of help sometimes. Taking steps to make going back to work easier in the beginning can reduce your stress, which is beneficial for everyone in your family. This resume company in Sydney can help you if you decide to look for a new role.

Preparing meals in advance is a great idea, as well. Fill your freezer with ready-made meals. Alternatively, ask your nanny or your partner to prepare something that everyone can eat. That way, you don't have to try to put together a meal after getting home from work while everybody waits to eat. Take a look at your to-do list each day. Make sure that your tasks at home are evenly split between you and your partner so that nobody is overburdened.

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