23 February 2020

NutriCellix Personalized Weight Loss by Your DNA

Introducing NutriCellix, a weight management system that is far from your typical diet fad.  Through discoveries in cutting edge science, NutriCellix incorporates how our unique DNA affects our weight loss.  No more one size fits all weight loss program.  With NutriCellix, you receive personalized products that have been matched to your individual needs.

How this works is you begin by doing a swab sample that gets sent into a CLIA and HIPAA certified lab.  Your sample is then analyzed by a science team that looks at your specific genes known to regulate weight loss.  From there NutriCellix will send you your personalized weight management products tailored just for you.  Included will be both AM and PM supplements to help you with weight loss around the clock.

In addition to the NutriCellix weight management products, they also feature an app designed to help you succeed in your weight loss journey.  The app helps you track and log calories, manage your eating window, log your weight loss, help you research calories of different items on the go, and more!  You can find more information about their app through the NutriCellix website.

Check out this video by NurtiCellix to learn more!

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