07 February 2020

Update Old Kitchen Cabinets with Modern Leather Pulls

The Cabinets Make the Kitchen!


When the conversation turns to kitchens, then you can bet that cabinets will be a big part of that discussion. The type (and condition) of the cabinets in a kitchen go a long way in establishing the visual feel and overall effect the quality of the kitchen has on anyone who steps inside. Those who own older homes and are looking to upgrade their kitchens will quickly find that the cabinets alone can cost many thousands of dollars and involve lengthy installations including disposing of the old cabinetry which adds to the overall expense. But one simple option that can bring new life to any kitchen cabinetry for just a fraction of the cost is the addition of leather cabinet pulls and leather drawer pulls.

Simply by swapping out the existing, outdated cabinet knobs and metal pulls and replacing them with high-quality leather cabinet and drawer pulls, you can quickly transform your cabinets into something that looks completely updated, classy, and incredibly gorgeous. Their look is high end and they complement any home décor from classic, rustic wood themed kitchens, to the sleekest and modern designs.



While leather cabinet pulls and leather drawer pulls look amazing, they are also amazingly functional as well. They can be installed quickly and easily and retrofitted to just about any kitchen cabinet design in existence. The external leather cabinet pulls make opening your cabinets easier and the high-quality real leather design is durable and will last for years to come.

The Value


Another aspect of adding leather cabinet pulls or leather drawer pulls to your existing kitchen cabinets is the value it can bring to your kitchen setting and your overall home as well. While a new kitchen cabinet installation can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, you can completely revamp your existing cabinetry using leather cabinet pulls designed by Lamborn Studio for just a few hundred dollars. This small investment can reap huge rewards as your cabinetry will instantly look and feel like a high-end installation. The sleek, classy feel they inspire can help add perceived value to any kitchen setting and will increase the selling point of your home should you ever decide to put it on the market. Few home renovation techniques are as affordable but add such value as installing leather pulls on kitchen cabinets and drawers. While the leather pulls are incredibly affordable, you won’t find this collection in your local hardware store. These leather pulls were designed by Grey Hensey of Lamborn Studio, whose designs have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Details Magazine, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, among many others. Each individual pull is a detailed piece of art that will help turn your kitchen into a work of art as well.

So, if you are tired of your kitchen, and want to give it a facelift in the most cost-efficient way but once that also creates an incredibly impactful visual display, then consider leather cabinet pulls and leather drawer pulls from Lamborn Studio. You will love what they do for your kitchen, as will everyone else who steps inside…

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