26 March 2020

Mastering the Alphabet : How to Teach Your Child Phonics Like a Pro

Author name: Osemome Ndebbio

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Who knew teaching your child to read could be soooooooo easy?

Phonics Map will show you how...

In less than 20 minutes per lesson, your child can learn to read and love to learn.

Phonics Map?

Think teaching your child to read is too difficult a task to tackle?

Phonics Map proves it's not!

Let's face it. Parenting is a difficult job, but it's also the most important job you'll ever have.
In addition to all the other tasks you must master, you desire to play a supportive role in your child's journey to becoming a competent reader.

Phonics Map takes the pain out of learning and provides, you the parent, with all the tools you need to lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning and reading.

If your goal is to create a happy, confident, eager reader, "Mastering the Alphabet" by Osemome Ndebbio, Book One in the Phonics Map Series will get you started.

Don't let one of the most important things your child will ever learn turn into a daunting task. Take the initiative with this simple effective method today.

What you get:

Parent's Manual
Children's worksheets
Tracing practice
Letter names
Letter sounds
Sound-image association
Unique and unforgettable images
Certificate of completion

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