01 March 2020

Top 3 Reasons to Infuse EDOBIO Blended Herbal Tea into Your Daily Routine

EDOBIO’s Blended Herbal Tea is a fusion of Western x Eastern tastes and full of specially-selected herbs that benefit the body and mind. The high-quality Japanese tea selections, EDOBIO’s Green Tea Slim and EDOBIO’s Relax Flow, have been produced to match the busy lifestyles of modern day people morning, day or night. Check out the 3 top reasons to enjoy EDOBIO’s new wellness-in-a-cup on a daily basis to become a healthier you. 

Unique blend of herbal ingredients

EDOBIO Herbal Tea includes a high quality of European herbs, selected for their health properties and flavor. Blended with Japanese tea leaves, ingredients include organic blueberry leaf tea produced from the leaves of Miyazaki Prefecture blueberries, the “Kunisato Number 35” also known as the “King of Polyphenols.”  Nettle leaf, juniper berry, chicory root, and lemon grass have been identified as part of the seven types of herbs make up the Green Tea Slim. The Relax Flow contains nine types of relaxing herbs, including lemon verbena, chamomile, calendula, elder flower, and rooibos blended with the “Kunisato Number 35” blueberry leaves and Fukuoka Prefecture’s genmai, or brown rice.

One-of-a-kind taste

To support the taste buds of the modern, hardworking individual, the Green Tea Slim is blended with Japanese green tea leaves that have a subtle sweetness hidden within a strong, bitter taste to help awaken the senses. Relax Flow is the blend of sweetly-fragrant, well-rounded genmai (brown rice) and a variety of herbs that promote relaxation. By blending Western herbs with high quality Japanese tea, it has become possible to achieve a pleasant tasting tea that will keep you wanting more.  

Health benefits – wellness in a cup

The Green Tea Slim contains herbs that have been found to rid the body of excess water and undigested waste that tends to remain in the body. While, the Relax Flow contains herbs that help to relieve stress that comes from the busy lifestyle of modern-day people. Both herbal teas are recommended for daily consumption to promote balance and long-lasting well-being.

Whether enjoyed hot or cold, the daily consumption of EDOBIO’s blended herbal tea allows for effective maintenance of the body and mind to help develop beauty from the inside.

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