23 June 2020

College Dorm Move In Checklist by School

Knowing what to pack when your child goes off to college dorm living can be a little overwhelming and confusing at times.  Wouldn't it be great if you could get a dorm checklist of things to pack ahead of time that is tailored to the specific university your child is heading off to?  Good news!  There is!

Campus Arrival is a website tailored just for this.  Campus Arrival is a handy tool that allows you to search your child's college and pull up a specific checklist of items your child will need when they move into their dorm.  Not only will a specific checklist help you know what essentials your specific college requests and/or recommends, you can also determine what items would be better left at home.

Also included is information from your school outlining recommended laptop specifications, prohibitions, and tips to help your child succeed in their first year of college.  Need something on the checklist provided?  Don't worry, Campus Arrival includes links to purchase specific items requested or recommended.  The goal of Campus Arrival is to provide a one stop shop to streamline the process from organizing and packing, all the way to move in day!

While you're at it check out Campus Arrival's blog which features an array of handy topics to go over that can help with transitioning your child off to college.  Topics include help completing a FAFSA, college application and resume tips, nutrition guides, how to handle academic stress, and more.  For parents, Campus Arrival can also help you curate and tailor care packages to send to your child throughout the year!  Campus Arrival will personally give you recommendations to help you put together the perfect care package such as ones tailored for final exams or holidays.  Campus Arrival is truly a unique and exciting tool for both parents and their children alike!

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