14 July 2020

Life Coach for Moms - Kelly Hater

Moms have an amazing and rewarding job!  Balancing the duties of raising children, careers, and home life while still finding time for re-centering can be a difficult task.  Whether you are feeling overwhelmed or just plain stressed, having someone help you get through the not so glamorous times of motherhood can be a world of help.  Having a support system is essential to any mom, whether they are a new mom or transitioning to become an empty-nester.  

One source of amazing support can come from hiring a life coach.  A life coach is someone who can give a refreshing outside perspective to how you can reach your full potential in a way that fits your lifestyle.  By listening to your concerns a life coach can help determine the most effective way to help you get back on track to living your best and fullest life!

Kelly Hater is the founder of Mama Bear Domain and is a life coach for moms with over 15 years of experience.  She specializes in helping moms with concerns such as burnout, stress, setting goals, and resolving mom guilt.  Kelly started Mama Bear Domain from her own experiences dealing with postpartum depression and surviving through her father's passing.  She found herself just simply existing through each day until one day she decided to start getting things back on track, and more importantly, decided to live life again with meaning! 

Kelly is dedicated to helping moms overcome the stresses of motherhood that aren't so openly and easily talked about.  Kelly recognizes that moms often need that extra support and her services through Mama Bear Domain are aimed to get that support started for those who may need it.  Mama Bear Domain offers an array of helpful resources including a free webinar: #EmpoweringMyLife: Overwhelmed to Well-Balanced, as well as a free guide titled Be Your Own Life Coach.  You can also schedule a free call with Kelly Hater to get you started on your path to re-balancing and refocusing your life.  Reach out today to see what a life coach can do for you!

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