28 October 2020

5 Effortless Tips To Improve Your Dry Skin


As opposed to oily skin, dry skin is unable to retain the natural moisture of the sebum production and makes the skin feel stretchy and rough.

Dry skin can be due to several internal and external factors. The severity of the problem of dry skin depends on the number and intensity of these factors. Some of the most common factors include over-washing, dehydration, hormonal imbalances, and using wrong skin type cosmetics.

And as uncomfortable it is to feel your skin tight and dull, there are a few simple tips that can help your battle with dry skin:



Moisturize Immediately 


Every time after washing your skin, you should moisturize it using dry-skin friendly lotions or ointments.

It is also important to use different products for different parts of your body:

             For your face, use a facial moisturizer that is free of alcohol and added-scent.

             For your hands, try using a fast-acting hand cream that is will leave your hands soft for a longer time.

             For your feet, heel balms and thick moisturizers that can exfoliate the skin will have immediate relief.

             For chapped lips, try using a nourishing lip balm and exfoliator to remove the dead skin. 



Exfoliate Weekly 


To get rid of the dead and chapped skin, make sure to exfoliate once a week. Check myawesomebeauty.com to get specific tips about exfoliation.

By removing the top layer of dead skin, your new and healthier-looking skin will be in the spotlight.  Thus, leaving you radiant and allowing the moisturizers to absorb better. 



Use Sunscreen 


You should always use sunscreen, no matter the season (yes, even when it is not sunny). The sun damage can worsen your dry and age your skin even more. This is why you should choose a sunscreen that fits your skin type and leaves your skin moisturized. 



Don’t Use Too Much Hot Water


Don’t boil yourself in the shower. As much as you might love it, it is actually really bad for your skin. Hot water dries the skin by breaking down the lipids of your skin – which are protecting your skin from dehydration.

To ensure that your natural oils are still intact, use moderately warm water and take a quick shower rather than a long one. Another thing worth mentioning is that you should not dry your skin with a rough towel. Instead, gently pat your face or hands using a cotton or microfiber towel. 



Using The Right Ingredients 


As unfortunate it is, fragrance and scented cosmetics can dry the skin and are not recommended and can irritate your skin.

Therefore, using fragrance-free skincare products that are for dry or sensitive skin will be your best friend. Before you buy something, make sure to check if there are alcohol, fragrance, or retinoids listed in the ingredients – avoid if there are.

According to the cosmetist, The most effective ingredients for dry skin are Petrolatum, Hyaluronic acid, Glycerin, and Shea Butter. These ingredients help the skin lipids to trap the moisture, leaving your skin softer for a longer time.


Having a regular skincare routine intended for dry skin will help your skin feel soft and youthful.


Do you have a skincare routine? Share it with us!








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