20 October 2020

Christmas Fundraising Made Simple



 The demands of being an organization’s leader can be immense sometimes.  Trying to do this and do that, orchestrate events and keep the group’s budget afloat can be stressful.  The challenges of the Coronavirus this year only added to the burden many group leaders are feeling.  You’re not alone!  Perhaps you’ve asked the common question, “How do you fundraise under circumstances like this?”  I can tell you with confidence that it is still possible to run a successful fundraiser.  Christmas is coming and folks are ready to celebrate something positive.  There’s no better time than now to sell fresh holiday door wreaths.  Non-profits are looking for solutions and I’m here to tell you that selling fresh balsam Christmas wreaths is the way to go.  A wreath fundraiser is a simple way to make some money for your group.

Wreaths are something everyone wants for the holidays.  You don’t have to worry if they are Gluten-Free so it’s a fairly straight forward fundraiser.  We understand that you are busy and nobody has time for complicated ways to raise money.  The wreath fundraiser at Jen’s wreaths is flexible.  You get to choose how many styles of wreaths you sell.  You also get to pick the price point that fits your needs.  You may also be surprised that this fundraiser can be done digitally.  That’s a huge deal for many groups in 2020!!  Let’s go through some of the details of the program that we offer.



Choosing to sell 1 simple wreath style or offering 9 different styles is totally up to you.  If you want simplicity sell our gorgeous 24” Traditional Christmas Wreath.  It has been our Most Popular wreath for a decade and has that traditional red handtied bow, white tipped ponderosa pinecones and red double ender berries.  It’s a holiday favorite.  If you want variety choose our deluxe plan that features various sizes, different bows and many shapes.  The deluxe plan offers a vertical door swag, a cross wreath, a candy cane shaped wreath and of course our classic circular wreaths.  We are here to serve you and meet your group’s needs in the best way possible.  We feel giving you a lot of control over your fundraiser does this.  We give you choices to match your organization’s needs.

We also have built flexibility into our Christmas wreath fundraiser by allowing each group to choose their retail price.  Our fundraiser packet shows you clearly what each wreath costs you.  You can choose to make $5, $10 or whatever you see fit to profit per item sold.  Most of our groups have found a ten dollar profit to be reasonable and easy to obtain.  We again let your organization decide.



We have all the little things already taken care of.  Color flyers in .pdf form are available with a click on our website https://www.jenswreaths.com/fundraising/ .  We have order forms in  .pdf format as well.  Pricing is simple because we wrap the shipping automatically into our prices.  There’s NO HIDDEN FEES.  We’re in business to help organizations and come alongside and support you on your fundraising endeavors, not surprise you with charges.  Another big perk is that there is NO minimum order size.  Perhaps, you’re nervous and you just don’t know how many wreaths the kids will sell.  Don’t worry!!  There are no case sizes or specific denominations that you must order.  If you only sell 3 wreaths that is ok and we will happily ship those wreaths to you.  By having a well put together program with the little things thought out it gives you more time to sell and less hassle.  Everyone loves less hassle!

Let’s talk about digital in this unusual year of 2020.  You can easily screenshot our color flyer and share it on all your social media.  Don’t forget to e-mail friends and text your family.  Then arrange payment from them by having them mail you a check.  This can be accomplished simply.  After you tally your totals and place your final order with us plan for curbside pickup or delivery.  You can have a contactless experience if that’s what you prefer for you group.  It’s your choice!

We are currently taking registrations for the 2020 holiday season.  We would love for your organization to benefit from what we offer.  Over the years, Jen’s Wreaths, has worked with 4H clubs, Boy Scout groups, youth groups, FFA clubs and teachers leading various school organizations.  We’ve even worked with homeschool students.



Our family makes nice, good quality wreaths.  We’ve been in the wreath making business for almost 2 decades.  We make our wreaths fresh and harvest our balsam fir responsibly.  We follow your wreaths every step of the way providing you with up to date tracking information. 

Are you ready to try something new?  I’d encourage to click that link above and hop on over to our website.  Take a look at our hot off the press 2020 Wreath Fundraising packet.  We are here to answer any questions.  Don’t hesitate to call our office at (218)-246-3146 or email office@jenswreaths.com We hope to speak to you soon.

Merry Christmas,




Jen McFadden grew up in rural northern Minnesota.  Wreath making was part of her childhood.  Wanting to make some extra money as a college kid she returned to her family’s childhood hobby and Jen’s Wreaths came about.  Today, Jen’s Wreaths, employs local wreath artists and ships fresh balsam fir Christmas wreaths across the United States.






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