20 October 2020

Game Developer Certification Course for Kids


Have your kids expressed interest in becoming a future game developer?  Now you can give your child a head start in learning the process to see if it is something they would actually like to build future in.  Kids who are interested in the world of learning how to design video games can earn their own developer certification from GameDevHQ!

GameDevHQ provides a course track that will teach your child the world of game development and how to design their own games.  This course track leads to certification and covers all your child needs to learn to make this possible.  Courses included are Introduction to Game Development, Write C# from Scratch, Master 3D Game Development, Building Mobile Games, and Unity Profiler & Optimization. There are also additional course electives offered to boost knowledge even further such as Level Design, Cinematography, Enterprise App Development, and more!


Students have went on to work with these amazing companies!


Students who have taken the Game Developer Certification Course from GameDevHQ have went on to work with top companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Ubisoft, IBM, Google, and Facebook.  Right now GameDevHQ is offering an insanely good deal on their Full-Access Pro Membership.  For only $99 you get full access to all of the courses offered on GameDevHQ so your child can start working on their game developer certification.

 And for the adults interested in learning game development, you're welcome too!  The great part about GameDevHQ is that the game development courses are for children and adults alike.  To learn more about what GameDevHQ has to offer check out their website.  While there you can also take a look at games that were designed by former students.  


Want an even sweeter deal?  Use code MOMS at checkout to save 50% today!






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