25 November 2020

How To Survive Flu Season With Young Kids


This year's flu season has now arrived, and for parents and families around the country, it can be one of the most challenging times of the year. If you have young children, suffering through a bout of the flu can be miserable. Instead of dreading the yearly flu season, focus on ways you can survive and thrive. Parents with young children have to prepare and stock up their homes with the best supplies to combat the flu and colds, such as Wellements organic baby products, Vitamin C and immune-boosting supplements.


Prepare Your Medicine Cabinet

Before cold and flu season begins, it's vital for parents to make sure their medicine cabinet is stocked with all of the essentials. For young children, that means having ibuprofen and acetaminophen on hand for fevers and aches and pains. Additionally, consider having some remedies for cough and cold symptoms. Use decongestants and cough syrups that are safe for young kids. Check out Wellements organic nighttime baby cough syrup reviews before buying.


Wear Masks and Wash Hands

Preventing the flu and serious colds is also a viable strategy to survive the fall and winter months with little kids. Teach your children about proper handwashing techniques so they can protect themselves from germs. Additionally, each member of the family should continue to wear masks out in public places.


Get Flu Shots

Next, schedule a family flu shot day and make sure everyone over six months gets a dose. Flu shots are generally available in September or October and can significantly reduce the risk of complications from the flu if you or one of your children gets it. 


Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies

Keeping the family home sanitized when someone gets sick is another effective way to keep it from spreading and infecting others. Be sure to stock up on virus-killing cleaning supplies, such as bleach, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer and other powerful cleaners. 


Make Some Chicken Soup

Another way to help ease the symptoms of a cold or the flu is with nutrition. Have the ingredients for homemade chicken soup on hand so you can whip up a batch if anyone in the family gets sick this fall or winter. The warm chicken soup broth is a great way to get some quick relief from sore throats, cough and congestion.


Stay Active  

Regular exercise and physical activity are also important to keep you and your children happy and healthy during cold and flu season. Aim to get outside at least once a day if the weather is nice. Engage in sports and other active pursuits as a family, such as bike riding, hiking, daily walks and other fun that your kids will enjoy.


Promote Better Sleep Habits 

Finally, don't forget to promote healthy sleep habits in your household to keep your family well-rested and energetic. Make sure children have appropriate bedtimes and keep screen time limited to help them fall asleep and stay asleep. Babies over four months old should be in a consistent night sleep routine. If your baby wakes up at night and cries, you may want to consider something like Wellements probiotic gripe water to soothe her tummy. 

Survive the cold and flu season with these tips and tools. Keep your family safe, happy and thriving this fall and winter.







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