08 December 2020

The True Benefits of Wooden Toys for Kids


When buying toys for little ones parents often consider factors such as durability and eco-friendliness.  Wooden toys are a great choice because they offer the craftsmanship often not seen anymore among commercially sold toys.  If you have been considering wooden toys for your little one, or would like to learn more about why wooden toys are a great option, read on to discover the benefits.


For toys that will truly stand the test of time, wooden toys are a top choice!  Because these toys are made with such care they can stand the test of time.  Wooden toys can be passed down, often more than not, in just as good of condition as when a child first receives it.  Wooden toys are a great investment over time.

Inspire Imagination

Without all the noise maker functions and flashy additions commercial toys carry, wooden toys are able to spark imagination in children.  For example, instead of a train that propels itself around an electronic track, choose a wooden train set that a child can propel on their own, creating their own locomotive sounds!  Did you know there are also wooden craft kits on the market?  These are also great to inspire imagination!  Imagination leads to creativity and wooden toys allow this to develop naturally in kids.


Another added bonus for why wooden toys are a superior choice is the fact that they are eco-friendly.  When toys get discarded to landfills it often means a surplus of plastic, chemicals, and electronic components that are hard to break down.  When the durability of a wooden toy wears off it does not create the amount of strain commercial toys do on the environment, making them a great eco-friendly buying option.

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