21 December 2020

Top Cat Products for Your Feline Friend



Our feline friends are a part of our family.  We want the very best for them, and often that means searching out the perfect cat products that your pet might enjoy.  The following is a guide to show you some of the top cat products out there.  While some are just plain fun for your cat, this guide includes products that are just as beneficial to owners as well!



Playtime and Cat Toys

Some of the best bonding we get with our cats is during playtime.  Chances are your cat has a stash of fun toys laying around.  If you're looking for some fun new ways to initiate playtime with your cat, or if your cat is simply getting bored of the toys they do have, you may want to check these top items!
The Ripple Rug


The Ripple Rug is an amazing way to get your cat interested in playtime and exploring.  Designed with curious cats in mind The Ripple Rug resembles a rippled up rug that naturally peaks cats' interest.  With The Ripple Rug they can crawl in and out of the folds as well as poke their heads out of the swiss cheese design.  If you have multiple cats this would be a great product for sibling playtime!

Yeowww! Catnip Banana Toy

For the cats who just love their catnip (and what cat doesn't!) there's the Yeowww! Catnip Banana Toy.  This toy provides endless hours of fun for your furry feline.  It's the perfect shape for snuggling and gripping onto.  Did I mention it's filled with catnip?  Your cat will thank you!

Cat Box Products

The Litter Lifter

Remember when I mentioned earlier that some of these top products were a hit with cat owners as well?  This item is definitely one to add to your home if you have an indoor cat and you want to update your old cat litter scoops.  Pictured above is The Litter Lifter.  This cat litter scoop is designed with efficiency in mind.  Made with no-sift peaked blades you can remove just the waste while keeping clean litter in the box.  It's also super durable and long lasting!

The Litter-Robot

For those that truly want to treat themselves and their cat there's The Litter-Robot.  This is a top of the line self cleaning litter box that pulls no stops on the bells and whistles!  The Litter-Robot is designed with both feline and owner in mind.  The self cleaning feature ensures your cat gets a clean experience every time, and the app feature is completely for the owners.  The Litter-Robot features an app you can put on your phone to alert you when the waste drawer is full or needs attention.  Some other cool features include a night light mode for elderly cats and a sleep mode that helps you save energy during hours when the system is used less often.

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