02 February 2021

10 Tips to Ensure Your Kids Safety (and Fun!) When Traveling




It’s an exciting time for you and especially for your kids when you take them abroad on vacation. 


Treating your kids to travel somewhere magical they’ve never been before is a great gift idea that can be both more educational and fun for them than something more materialistic. 


When traveling on your own, while there is a lot you need to remember to ensure you are safe when visiting foreign countries, it’s not quite the same as having to worry as your kids too. 


When you take your kids along, there is even more you need to be aware of and be alert about. 


In the following post, to help you appreciate some of the risks, but to make sure you still have tons of fun, we have put together a list of tips to follow when traveling with kids.


1.   Do Your Research


Remember to carefully read, fully understand and follow as best you can any warnings given about traveling to certain areas, if you intend on visiting them. 


Areas that are considered unsafe, however, you are best avoiding.


2.  Keep Emergency Contacts Handy


Make sure the emergency contact details are fully completed on your own passport and the passports of your children traveling with you. 


Insist that everyone traveling with you carries their passport with them personally. 


Make sure your kids have the name, address and phone number of one adult at home that you trust, at the very least.


3.  Have Photographs Handy


Keep up-to-date photographs of your kids with you at all times, both physical hard copies and digital copies on your phone or mobile device.


4.  Keep a Copy of Your Passport ID


Always carry a copy of the ID page on your passport separately from your actual passport. 


Give the copy to a trusted relative or friend at home. Carry more than one copy of your kid’s passports.


5.  Understand Local Laws and Culture


Familiarize yourself with local customs and laws long before your trip, and make sure your kids are able to understand them too.


6. Tell Your Family and Friends Your Travel Plans


Pass on a detailed travel plan to your relatives or friends back home before you go, with information like the names of the hotel(s) you are staying at along with their addresses and phone numbers. 


Make sure your kids carry a copy of these plans with them, in case they are separated from you at any point.


7.  Let Your Embassy Know


Planning on staying in a foreign country for longer than 2 weeks? 


Speak to the consulate or embassy in the country so that they are aware of your plans, as this will make it quicker and easier for them to get in contact with you if some kind of emergency happens at home. 


This is especially important if you are on a multi centre vacation with lots of stops in different countries.

8.  Keep Everything in Sight and Don’t Touch!


Always keep your luggage within sight at all times whether you are in train stations, bus depots or airports and teach your kids to avoid touching other traveler bags and luggage and to avoid picking up anything from the ground. 


Airport scanners are very sensitive and you don’t want to get into trouble by accident!

9.  Look for Authorized Currency Exchange Outlets

If you haven’t already changed up your money at home, always exchange your normal currency for foreign money at authorized outlets. 


While changing your currency abroad almost always nets you a better deal, sometimes it gives you peace of mind to do it at home.


If you need to make any inquiries about this or find yourself in any kind of trouble while abroad, speak to someone at the nearest consulate or embassy.

10.  Avoid Showing Expensive Items (Especially Kids!)


Avoid wearing expensive clothing and jewelry that will make you stand out from everyone else, especially the kids! 


Avoid carrying more physical currency on your person than necessary and think about using credit or debit cards if possible.



Now, Enjoy Your Holiday! 


This isn’t really the fun stuff you want to think about before going on holiday with the kids, but it’s essential for you to take care of in the background before you leave. 


The information above was not designed to scare you or worry you excessively. Now that you’ve got this boring stuff out of the way, we hope that it does help you take a weight off your shoulders. 


You can now focus on having the most enjoyable, and safest experience traveling abroad with your kids.










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