16 February 2021

Different Styles of Dance and Their Benefits for Kids


The art of dance is amazing  in it's ability to help children express themselves.  Dance also helps with physical health, self esteem, and socialization.  Children can learn different forms of dance or focus on a style they are really drawn to.  The following are some of the different styles of dance and the benefits of each one.


Ballet is a beautiful style of dance that incorporates classical music and elegant moves that tell a story.  One of the amazing benefits of ballet is that it teaches children balance.  With pointed toes and elongated moves this style of dance creates a way that children learn to use their body for balance and control of movement.  Naturally other benefits that follow include improved posture and improved flexibility.


As one of the leading styles of dance, jazz is known for it's upbeat tempo of music and energetic dance moves that compliment it.  The major benefit to jazz style dance is the strength it builds.  Children can improve their overall strength and flexibility with high energy moves they get from jumps and floor work routines.  


If you have ever had the pleasure of watching interpretive dance you will know it is a beautiful and emotional experience.  That is because interpretive dance is centered around emotion and the focus is on conveying that emotion through the music and dance moves.  Children can benefit from learning interpretive dance as a way to get out their emotions through the form of expression with dance that also helps them to relieve stress at the same time.  

Hip Hop

Hip hop, or street dance,  is another style focused on expression.  This popular form of dance incorporates several styles such as breakdancing, locking and popping, tutting, and more.  The benefits to learning the styles of dance with hip hop includes gaining rhythm, improving flexibility and strength, and improved mental health through the decrease of stress and anxiety.

Latin Dance

Latin dance is another beautiful form of dance that incorporates learning several styles.  Some styles of Latin dance include salsa, samba, cha cha, and more.  In addition to the beautiful costumes worn in Latin dance, there are several benefits for kids.  Improved stamina, overall physical health, and improved strength are an added benefit that comes from the high energy styles it encompasses. 

While there are several more styles of dance out there for kids to get involved in and benefit from, the above mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg.  The world of dance is ever evolving and changing with time.  Maybe you landed here looking for what style of dance may be most beneficial for your child.  Maybe your child is already enrolled in dance and is looking to branch out to a different style.  Whatever your reason is I hope you have found some helpful information that may benefit your child.

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