02 February 2021

How New Parents Can Manage Sleep




Sleep During Your Baby's Sleep Time


It is no secret that newborn babies sleep a lot and they usually nap for 2 to 4 hours at a time. Over the course of a day, they will sleep approximately 16 to 18 hours. Unfortunately, the vast majority of new parents don't get enough sleep, especially if they are trying to only sleep at night. According to Pien, it is best to get your sleep whenever your baby is sleeping. Even though this may be difficult if you have other children in your home, it is still important to try.



Prioritize Sleep


There are always lots of chores to do, however, you should try to get more sleep as opposed to cleaning or washing dishes. Don't worry about being judged by your family and friends, your sleep is more important than a messy house. Remember, they are coming over to see your new baby, so don't worry about leaving the dirty dishes overnight.


Share Baby Duties Especially At Night


It is important to share night time baby duties with your partner. This includes diaper duty, feedings etc. Mothers can easily use a breast milk pump to set aside milk for their partner to use on their night off. This will help the new mom get more sleep.


Position The Crib By The Bed


If you put the crib near to your bed, this will make it a lot simpler to attend to your baby and then fall back asleep. Even though you might want to place them in the same bed with you and your partner, this is not advised by the American Academy of Pediatrics. This is due to the fact that it dramatically increases the risk of your baby suffocating.


Get Help


Ask for help from your close family members and friends when it comes to caring for your baby or home. You can ask them to tend to the baby while you take a quick nap, get groceries for the household etc. There are many family members who would be willing to help once you ask, so make sure to ask!


Use Parental Leave


The policies surrounding parental leave will likely vary from one employer to the next. So, make sure to find out both of your company's policies and strive to take advantage of them as much as you can. Both partners should take parental leave and a good idea would be to rotate it. So, the mom can take time off right after birth and then the spouse can get leave a couple weeks later. This will greatly help the mother to get enough rest as well as give her enough time to refocus on work.

Ensure You Have Good Sleep Habits


It is important that you pay attention to your sleep habits, especially if you have a new baby. Some important habits to implement include:


- Don't use caffeine, especially in the afternoon

- No devices before bedtime. This actually interrupts your sleep time and disturbs your natural clock

- Invest in a comfortable Purple mattress if yours needs an upgrade

- Have a particular and set sleep schedule where you wake up and sleep at the same time on most days. Of course, when you have a new baby you would need to wake up during the night, so a bit of flexibility is necessary.








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