22 March 2021

Family Portraits Captured in Art


  Hanging art in our homes has been a tradition for many centuries. Paintings and portraits depicting our loved ones, our prized possessions, our passions. However, family portraits have been a huge focus for many people to put on display. There’s nothing quite like watching your family grow in size and seeing each child slowly morph over the years. It’s absolutely hilarious to watch fashion and hairstyle trends change, that’s for sure!

What’s amazing these days, is the power of technology and how it’s allowing us to create amazing, unique family portraits. Not only can you take quality images with your smartphone, but it’s a simple process to transfer images to and from devices and computers. Now you can easily upload any digital picture in seconds and have a custom-made piece of art sent to you. You can even have an authentic, hand-painted portrait created of your family by a professional artist, all you need is the digital image, upload it at a portrait painting website like Artwish and get started!


Special Moments on Display

Whether it’s your annual family picture, a travel photo, or a milestone celebration, we are always sure to capture the moments in photos. There are always special pictures that mark monumental occasions that we take pride in most, making special space for them on our walls. Our child’s graduation, a wedding, family reunion. It makes us proud to display the people we love in our homes. Hanging a hand-painted family portrait in your home will keep memories alive forever, with an added artistic appeal that a photograph doesn’t quite match. 


Perfect Presents!

Imagine your sibling's or best friends' faces when you surprise them with a gorgeous portrait of their favorite person – you! Who could want a better painting for their wall? I know your parents would certainly appreciate it. You would win sibling of the year with that Mother’s or Father’s Day present for sure.


Whatever the occasion, a family portrait painted by a professional is a fantastic gift idea. It can always be so difficult to come up with an idea that’s different and special. We try to out-do ourselves every year, and a lot of times end up with the same gift certificate or favorite scent. Surprising your loved one with a specialized hand-painted portrait will definitely get the reaction you’re after this year, and you can upload the picture straight from your phone!


Easier Than Ever

Gone are the days where, if you wanted a family portrait, you’d have to schedule with the local photographer. Or, if you wanted a hand-made acrylic or oil portrait, you’d have to sit still for quite a while. With the brilliance of technology, we can now take pictures with handheld devices, upload them in a few clicks, and have talented artists recreate gorgeous paintings of our images. In no time at all you can have your hand-painted family portrait hanging in your favorite space, showcasing your favorite moment forever.






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