05 April 2021

How to Get Your Child to Love Reading




Moms are in the business of helping their children succeed. We often bend over backwards giving more and more of ourselves to our kids in hopes of giving them more than what we had. Sometimes we give so much that our children start to expect it. At that point, if we aren’t careful, we can end up enabling them and decreasing their overall chances of success.


We’ve All Been There


Most of us have been in a scenario like this one. Its 8 o'clock on Sunday evening and you are getting your child ready for bed. Suddenly you hear a gasp and your child informs you they forgot that they have a book report due tomorrow morning. What if there was a way to get your child excited about doing a book report so this never happens again? What if you didn’t have to stay up late the night before it was due frantically putting something together? What if you didn’t even have to make another dreaded trip to the store? Whether you home school exclusively or have a child in school with an assignment, this one’s for you!


How to Make a Lap Book


It may sound too good to be true, but the answer to all of this is called a lap book. If you have no clue what that is, don’t worry. Here you will find step by step instructions on how to make a lap book. Lap books can be used for all kinds of school projects and learning models, but on this website you will find a free printable for a lap book designed specifically for book reports. Aside from actually reading the book, this printable offers everything you and your student will need to reiterate what the book was about, what they liked about the book, and dissect the format of the book itself. The lap book hits three home runs. They are fun, effective, and easy!


Benefits of the Lap Book


A few of the highlights of this method are that lap books are not time consuming. They are quick and easy enough for your child to do it themselves. Lap books use items you already have. That makes this project cost effective and will spare you an unnecessary trip to the store. These lap books are not just fun and games. This style of project is proven to be learning focused. Teachers of all kinds use them in their classrooms and swear by this method. Part of why it is so effective is because it is fun for students. Lap books can hold their interest and it will be one less thing you have to pull teeth to get your child to do. Possibly the most important benefit of this type of project is that it will increase your child’s independence. Going back to the issue of mom’s enabling their children, this alleviates the burden on the mother and places the responsibility on the student. A lap book may be simple, but will teach good habits that can sustain them through years of education.








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