06 July 2021

Baby Shower Gifts Based on Mom-to-Be’s Personality


The mom-to-be in your life is about to have her life turned upside-down. A baby is coming soon!  


But the baby shower is fast approaching, too. And you still don’t have a gift. 


Gifting can be unreasonably hard. But here’s a hack—when you use a mom-to-be’s personality as your guide, you’re bound to give a gift that truly resonates.  


The ideal gift, of course, will be a helpful tool along her journey into parenthood. It should also be meaningful; something that shows you support who she is and the mom she’s about to become.  


It’s exactly what she’s looking for and may not even know it! 


Whether this expecting mom is a daughter, granddaughter, niece, or friend, you know her quirks, her best qualities, and her fears. You know what makes her who she is, and you love her for it.  


Based on her characteristics, here’s a list of gifts sure to please the unique mom-to-be.  


This expecting mom spends lots of time thinking of others. She’s had a maternal streak since she took care of her baby dolls as a toddler.  


To match her nurturing spirit, consider a sweet, handmade, plush blanket from The Sew Loved Shop 


Hand-sewn by parents and grandparents in the comfort of their own homes, these blankets are made with extra love and care. They include plenty of prints to match a baby shower or nursery theme, and the option to build-your-own, customizable blanket. Plus, they’re super soft 


Nothing, besides the embrace of this mom-to-be, could make a baby feel cozier.  


This future mom has researched every stroller on the market and has found all the best deals.  


She’s read all the baby books and knows what to expect when expecting.  


She’s as prepared as anyone can be for motherhood.  


This means you can fill-in by providing something she may not need right now, but soon.  


Older baby clothes and toddler clothes can pack the drawers with practicality for a good year or two. Yes, newborn clothes are always adorable...but some children grow out of them within a few weeks or less.  


A good variety of clothes (consider age and timing when choosing seasonal clothes for kids 18 months or younger) can leave her prepared for a good year or two—or more.  

Environmentally Conscious 

This mom-to-be constantly makes sustainable purchases, whether it’s reusable produce bags or recyclable-only plastics. She’s even called Amazon and asked them to eliminate extra, unnecessary packaging.  


She’s also well aware of the carbon footprint—including that of her soon-to-be baby.  


Diapers and wipes from Hello Bello are not only practical, they’re plant-based. And their prints are cute and unique.  


Or perhaps, mom-to-be is committed to reusable diapers. The baby registry Babylist recommends the GrowVia Reusable Diaper as the “best overall hybrid cloth diaper.” 


The description states: “You don’t have to choose between convenience and being green with GroVia. Their diaper cover works with a snap-in cloth insert/liner or a biodegradable, disposable insert that’s perfect for daycare days or being on the go.” 


Whether she studied art in school, plays the violin with passion, or just has an impressive creative streak, this mom-to-be will appreciate a freshly-inspired gift.  


If you have the time and gumption, consider one of these DIY baby mobiles. They can be made in any color to match a nursery color or theme. And, of course, gifts mean more when they’re made with time and care.  


You can also check out your local painting studio. Many offer private sessions (and accommodate baby showers!) where guests paint something for mom-to-be.   


Alternatively, consider making a personalized newborn onesie. If you’re helping to plan the baby shower, you can even set up a onesie creation station as one of the main activities.  


Mom-to-be will love all of the unique designs that her loved ones create! 


This gal’s got humor. While she’d probably appreciate a gag gift as much as a real one, it’s time to get her something she’ll use as much as it makes her laugh. 


To get started, check out these 21 Baby Shower Gifts That Are Actually Useful 


Or, just type in funny baby shower gifts in the search bar on Amazon. You won’t be disappointed. 

Easy Going (or Possibly, Unprepared) 

For this mom-to-be, almost any gift will do. BUT, if she’s a go-with-the-flow, let’s just see what happens kind of gal, a well-established meal train can get her through the first month of her new reality.  


If she’s yet to stock up on baby supplies, you can also keep the toys coming with a monthly subscription package from Lovevery Play Kits. Each kit will offer something new and fresh at an opportune time and save her a few trips to the store (or a few online shopping sprees). 



This isn’t the woman that goes skydiving or travels to strange countries alone. She takes calculated risks carefully.  


She’s researched the pros and cons of epidurals, inductions, and c-sections. She knows 90% of the most common newborn diseases. And she’s already sanitized every baby bottle not just once, but twice.  


So, beat her at her own game. Ease her mind this last trimester with an expert-recommended baby first aid kit 


Or, to encourage a little relaxation for anxious nerves, consider pampering her with the Mom’s Survival Pack from Uncommon Goods. After all, this shower is as much about the mom-to-be as it is about her new baby.  


If you’re attuned to the guest of honor at the upcoming shower, you’ll get the right gift. And two will benefit from the price of one.  


Happy mom, happy baby.  

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