09 July 2021

Mom's Garden Prenatal Bird's Nest DHA


Mom’s Garden® Prenatal Bird’s Nest DHA is a new and innovative product developed specifically for pregnant and breast-feeding women. This unique product combines the traditional Chinese ingredient, Bird’s Nest and the essential fatty acid, DHA. 

Bird’s Nest’s plays an important role in the development of brain and intelligence during pregnancy and in supporting the mother’s immune system. DHA supports proper growth and development of the fetus’ brain and plays a vital role in how well a child develops and functions. Mom’s Garden®Prenatal Bird’s Nest DHA is a unique formula, combining DHA supplementation and active ingredient of traditional Bird’s Nest.

Many pregnant women have a hard time taking big Omega 3 soft gels, even though it is very important during pregnancy. Mom’s Garden® Prenatal Bird’s Nest DHA is in an easy-to-take chewable softgel, that is convenient, tastes delicious and provides a greater bioavailability of DHA.

Mom’s Garden® Prenatal Bird’s Nest DHA provides important support for proper health and development of the fetus or breastfed infant.

Take 1 soft gel daily, that’s it. Mom’s Garden Prenatal Bird’s Nest DHA is from Mom’s Garden GmbH Germany

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