06 August 2021

5 Activities to Enjoy with Your Toddler and Newborn Together


We get it: you want to make fun for your toddler while still giving attention to your newborn, and that can be a daunting challenge to take on. Creating a manageable balance in your day-to-day with your little ones can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry. We’ve pulled together our top five absolute favorite activities that can be enjoyed with both a toddler and a newborn.

1. A Trip to the Park

Getting out of the house, even for a little while, is a good way to break up the day and give your toddler an opportunity to get some of their energy out. Take a walk to a nearby park and let your little one run around and play on the playground while you hang out with your newborn. A front-facing baby carrier is a great option for these little walks around the neighborhood and trips to the park!

2. Dress Up

What toddler doesn’t love dressing up and playing make-believe? Whether you’re pulling out the old Halloween costumes and dressing up like an astronaut or a fireman, or you’re trying on dresses and tiaras for some princess time, this is a great way to pass the time together. These Disney princess dresses at Presley Couture are perfect for playtime! They’re made with really comfy, soft material, so your little one will be content to play for hours.

3. Mini Read-a-Thon

Have a chunk of time in the afternoon that you’re trying to fill? Help your toddler gather together some of their favorite books, grab a cozy blanket and some pillows, and settle in for a read-a-thon together! Take turns reading the books. You read one to the two of them, and then let your toddler tell the story. This is a great opportunity to let them exercise their imagination.

4. Blanket Fort

There is nothing more magical to a toddler than a blanket fort. Whether it’s a simple blanket tossed over the side of the couch and some chairs, or it’s an elaborate structure with tunnels and rooms spanning across your entire living room, your toddler will be incredibly excited at the prospect of spending the afternoon in a blanket fort. Once they’re settled, lay your newborn in a dock a tot and bring them in for the fun!

5. Water Play

If you’re experiencing some warm weather, engaging your little one in some water play is going to be a great way to cool off and have fun. Whether it’s playing at the water table, running through the sprinklers, or taking a dip in the kiddie pool, they’re sure to be happy with the prospect of playing in the water. Get your newborn in their swimsuit or down to their diaper and help them dip their toes in the water!

Planning out activities that can be enjoyed with both your newborn and your toddler doesn’t have to be challenging, time-consuming, or expensive. Set aside time for some simple games and activities that everyone can enjoy!

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