13 November 2021

Decorative Shell and Sea Glass Handmade Items - Etsy

 Shells symbolize protection!

They are incredibly strong, almost stone like. Decoupaging shells brings out their natural beauty and details even more. Not only do they become even more beautiful they also create thoughtful super original gifts. My decorative clam shells keep jewelry safe, display precious sea glass and keep all the important stuff in our pockets organized and in one place.

I learned to express myself in many ways over the years, honing my craft while traveling across the world, developing expertise as a set designer, producer, artist, and craft artisan. Growing up next to a classical painter who opened me up to art and the beauty around me, I was privileged to follow in my father and grandfather’s footsteps.
I am inspired in my many different facets of artistic activity by the beauty of nature that surrounds me.  This is reflected in the artistic pieces that I am presently creating using natural stones and shells.
These natural creations in nature have become my dearest friends in my creative journey.
I mix techniques, play with forms in my imagination, only the sky is the limit.
I invite you to  share  this incredible journey with me.
Keep checking back to see what’s emerged from the waves - literally.

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