14 November 2018

Our Time Saving Products for Busy Moms

No mother has time to think, sit down, or even breathe without their kid running into a room and knocking something over. Like owning a particularly aggressive cat, cleaning up after your child is a full time career that dominates your day. 

Unlike a job, you’ll be pulling 24 hour, seven-day long shifts, and your career will last approximately 18 years. After those 18 years are complete, you’ll be regularly called upon in a freelance capacity to dole out life advice, financial support and perform general administrative duties. 

This job won’t ever pay and you’ll rarely receive the praise you deserve. Despite this, it’ll feel worthwhile – but wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy some time savers while you’re looking after your kids?
If the answer to that question is a big fat yes, then we’ve got a treat for you.
Whether you’re traveling or sitting in your home, these companies will help you shave hours off your schedule. 


There’s a circle of hell dedicated to the act of parking your car at an airport, and it’s not dissimilar to the hell we experience right here on Planet Earth. 

Finding a spot for your car is more complicated than escaping a Minotaur’s labyrinth, especially if you’ve got kids causing a rumpus in the back seat.

Looking4.com, a private parking operator, is providing the solution to this problem at hundreds of airports across the world. 

Their simple but effective service includes collecting your car from your terminal and driving it to a secure location awaiting your return. 

This will potentially shave hours off travels during family holidays or work-related commutes. We couldn’t recommend it more highly. 

Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

Rice, chicken and vegetables should be the ideal diet for anyone hoping to lose a few inches on their waistline – but prep times can be arduous when you’ve just come home from work or put the kids to bed. 

Enter the Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker and Food Steamer. This versatile piece of tech is the best way to enjoy healthy food, and it requires minimal input from tired and hungry people. 

Robot Vacuum 

The space-age future we were all promised involved never having to do household chores again. Our robot butlers would take care of any back-breaking labor. 

Alas, life hasn’t worked out that way but we can enjoy robot vacuum cleaners while we put our collective feet up for a few minutes. 

These disc-shaped robots love nothing more than sucking up the dust and crumbs from your floors – and their motion detection system means they require minimal input from you. 


Flagging a cab on a bust side street is about as much fun as reading current affairs. But Uber has changed all that. 

All you have to do is order a cab from your phone, using the Uber app, and wait. It’s that simple, and it’ll save you oodles of time! 

That’s our list! Can you think of any time savers of your own? Then let us know in the comments below! 

Post was written by Robbie Handy

03 November 2018

When Should You Contact Your Family's Funeral Home?

When a death occurs in the family, making funeral arrangements are difficult. Your mind really isn't ready for practical matters, but certain arrangements have to be made and those circumstances will require your attention. In some cases, the deceased loved one will have already chosen a funeral home, made arrangements, and prepared for related matters. If this is the case, you may only have to call the funeral home and advise them of the individual's passing.

People assume that when a loved one passes away in a hospital or other care facility, the facility's personnel will notify the funeral home. This isn't always the case, so you should be prepared to make the call in any case. Ensuring the funeral home knows about the death will help events proceed more smoothly. If the individual passes away in a more private setting, emergency personnel should first be notified. Police will arrange for the body to be transported to the medical examiner's facility, so the cause of death can be determined. Later, the medical examiner will notify the family that the decedent has been released. At this point, the funeral home can be called to pick up the body.

Whether the deceased individual requested a burial or cremation Westchester IL, the funeral home will first have to prepare the body for the funeral. Once you reach this stage in the process, you'll have to provide certain information to the funeral home director. They may request social security cards and other forms of ID to ensure you are authorized to make decisions. Additionally, the funeral home will need information about the decedent, including their full name, occupation, date and place of birth, and military service. You'll also have to provide a photo of the deceased person to help in his or her preparation for the service.

Once you have made these final arrangements, the funeral home will take charge of scheduling the funeral. They will also proceed with the burial or cremation, according to prearranged plans. This leaves you and your family able to free your minds. Grieving is a difficult state to get through, but selecting the right funeral home can alleviate much of the stress. Once the plans are made, you can take the time to remember your loved one and say goodbye in your own way.

31 October 2018

Discover and Hire Top Entertainment with Special Guest App

There's a new shift on how talent is being accessed and booked with the new app Special Guest, created by comedian Damon Wayans, Jr. and entrepreneur Kristopher Jones.  Special Guest is a unique marketplace where entertainers can create their profiles on the app, and where venues can search these profiles to find the talent they are looking for.  Special Guest features a variety of entertainers including comedians, singers, dancers, DJ's, magicians, impersonators, and more!  Whether you're looking for entertainment for your wedding, bar, or special event, Special Guest can connect you to the right talent in a simple, easy process.

The inspiration for the creation of Special Guest app came about when Damon Wayans, Jr. would travel to perform stand-up and witness several talented comedians that had side talents as well such as singing or playing an instrument.  He witnessed amazing talent and wondered how these entertainers could be made more easily accessible to be discovered and hired.  Special Guest app takes the time and care to verify each entertainer that creates a profile and they proudly feature what they tout as the #1 Obama and #1 Cher impersonator, along with the likes of William Hung from American Idol, with hundreds of talent joining the ranks every day on Special Guest app.

Special Guest app is currently available on the Apple marketplace and requires iPhone users to be running iOS 8 or higher.  Android users are encouraged to create their free profile through the website at this time.  So whether you're looking for top entertainment for your next event, or you're looking to get hired and showcase your talent, Special Guest app makes the process simple and accessible for everyone.  Check out Special Guest app in the app store here, or visit the website to sign up and get started today!

Interview with Kristopher Jones

I recently had the opportunity to ask one of the founders of Special Guest app, Kristopher Jones some questions.  Below are the questions and answers from that interview:

1) What was your biggest motivation in the creation of Special Guest app?
 Non-managed talent struggle to find paid gigs. My business partner is actor / comedian Damon Wayans, Jr - Damon grew up in Los Angeles and has been around the entertainment business since birth. He also has a lot of talented friends that aren't managed and wanted to leverage the Internet and mobile to make it easier for non-managed talented to get discovered and paid. So we launched Special Guest App to make it easier for talented people to get discovered and paid to do what they love to do.

2) What has been the greatest challenge so far during the app development process?  
The most challenging part has been raising enough investment capital to hire staff in new markets and continue to invest in the Special Guest technology. We've already raised over $2 million and most recently we launched in several new markets, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Nashville, and Las Vegas.

3) How do you plan to incorporate user feedback in future developments of the app?  
We are developing the platform using "agile development." Agile development means that we are constantly using quantitative (what they do) and qualitative (what they say) feedback to continually develop and improve the app. We are making improvements to the app weekly using agile development.

4) What do you see for the future of Special Guest app?  
We are so excited to be launching in new markets! We will continue to improve the app in an effort to make the entire process of finding and booking LIVE talent easy. Our hope is that within a few years we will become the #1 destination for anyone, anywhere to find and book LIVE entertainment. We also hope to help non-managed talent get discovered and paid regularly to do what they love to do - entertain!

5) Are there plans for an Android app in the future? 
We are currently LIVE on IOS (Apple) and Web (https://specialguestapp.com/). Android will be released in early 2019.