25 May 2018

Fresh Baby Food and Fruit Feeder Pacifers

Fresh baby food is a great way to give your baby the healthy nutrients they need.  Fruits and vegetables are important to development in a child's life.  For babies and toddlers that are graduating to more solid fruits and veggies you may be hesitant about certain foods due to choking hazards.  With the fresh baby food feeder by CradleMii you can safely provide your child fresh fruits and vegetables without having to worry about choking.  The CradleMii feeder set includes 2 baby pacifiers, as well as 2 sets of 3 different sized silicone sacks for your baby to hold and enjoy food safely.

These pacifiers are also handy for little one's teething gums.  The flexible and textured food grade silicone helps to massage and sooth sore gums.  Some handy ideas for this would be frozen fruits and vegetables or even frozen yogurt.

These food pacifiers are also designed for easy gripping with convenient ergonomic carrying handles.  The CradleMii feeding pacifiers are BPA free, Phthalates free, Petroleum Free, and Latex free.  They are also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.  Check out the CradleMii Baby Food and Fruit Feeder, available on Amazon!

24 May 2018

Easy Ways to Get Your Child to Behave and Enjoy the Time in the Car

Going on family road trips or travelling abroad can sound fun but once you are all crammed in a car for so long with young ones, more often than not, might start to complain, and all the fun could go out the window, so to speak. Planning ahead and taking each individual's needs into consideration is important, so we wanted to share a few tips you might find helpful before setting off on your trip.

It helps if you have a child-friendly car

For a child-friendly family car, there are several things to take into consideration. Make sure they are comfortable and safe in their seats. They'll want plenty of storage and leg space for the things they'll be using throughout the trip. Having cup holders that will hold their cups and juice boxes, pockets for their books and toys, gadget holders and sockets are just a few things you might want to bring along to make life easier for everyone. When all else fails and they don't want to do anything and just want to look out the window, having windows that they can see more out of is another thing to consider when you are shopping around for a car to lease or rent out for your trip. Oh and bring the kids along to help choose, this will make them feel more excited about sitting in the car for so long.

Bring snacks

Having your kids – and your – favorite snacks and drinks can save a lot of drama. Here are some road trip snack ideas. Just be sure to bring a garbage bag, and lots of wipes to clean up the mess.

Lay down the rules of the road

It helps to tell your children what the plans are beforehand, as they don’t have much control over what happens. This will at least give them an idea of what to expect. The same goes for rules, let them know what they are allowed and what they are not allowed to do beforehand, and maybe even make a game out of it, doesn’t need to be complex, you could even get them to help make up the rules, they might be more likely to follow them too.

Organize car activities

You could make some magnetic lap boards, with your children's favorite board games or colouring-in books. For those who like to read, books or magazines will provide entertainment for a long time. Printables or stickers can be a good idea too. a phone or tablet is a popular choice but if you want to make the most of being all together, you could play music everyone likes and sing along, or create little games you know they'll enjoy.

Take activity breaks

There's only so much you can do from sitting it the same seat for so long. Finding out about some interesting places along the way will definitely make the journey more enjoyable. Everyone will feel more refreshed and patient if their needs are met often.

Disclosure:  This is a contributed post.

21 May 2018

5 Easy Ways to Start Your Own Business

If you’re intimidated by the process of starting your own business, don’t be! You don’t need to put off business planning and formation any longer. Thanks to technology and the wealth of information available, establishing your own company is easier than ever. Here are five easy steps to follow.

1. Forget the Excuses

Stop telling yourself you don’t have enough time or money. You can come up with thousands of excuses to not start. Remind yourself you have a killer idea and stop waiting around.

2. Create a Plan

It will be hard to achieve your goals if you don’t have a plan to reach them. Make sure you write up a business plan that includes clear targets and milestones. You can take small steps to reach each benchmark.

3. Take Care of the Basics

You may be dreading the formal and legal processes of forming your company, but it’s all relatively simple to do. Here are some things to take care of earlier rather than later:

        Select a business entity, such as a corporation, LLC, or partnership.
        Choose a name for your business
        Apply for an EIN.

You can easily form an LLC online and obtain your tax ID with Gov Doc Filing.

4. Get a Website

No matter what type of business you’re starting, you’ll want a website if you want a chance to compete. Having a website is necessary for increasing awareness of your company and giving prospective customers a place to learn about what you do. 

5. Find a Mentor

You’ll benefit from having good advice during any stage of operating your business. Try to find an entrepreneur who has been where you are and accomplished similar goals. If you can’t find a mentor in your area, there are plenty of motivational business owners who you can follow on social media accounts.

Starting a business isn’t as complicated as you may think! Check out Gov Doc Filing for more help starting your business.

Disclosure:  This is a contributed post.