13 October 2018

Holiday Gift Ideas for Mom

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This holiday season take the guesswork out of what Mom wants! Here you can find a gift for just about any woman in your life.  From the woman that has it all to the ones who are on the pickier side, you're sure to find something on this list to be a hit gift this holiday season.  There's also gifts here for every budget, so you don't have to break the bank to give the perfect gift! 

Books for Mom 

All About Mom Memory Journal

This is a gift that I love because it is one that can be shared and enjoyed for generations to come!  The All About Mom Memory Journal is a great gift to give Mom so that she can preserve her memories from childhood, parenthood, and adulthood.  Better yet, this gift is under $10!


Mom Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Want a fun gift that can keep Mom entertained?  How about the Mom Life Coloring Book?  This coloring book celebrates the good and the not so good that comes with being a Mom!  Pair it with some colored pencils and you've got yourself the perfect gift for Mom!  This is also another gift for
under $10!


Gifts for the Home


Click & Grow Smart Indoor Gardening Kit 

Just because the weather gets chilly doesn't mean that Mom has to stop gardening.  The Click & Grow Smart Indoor Gardening Kit brings the garden indoors with pesticide free herbs and fruit that can be grown with easy steps that anyone can do!  Simply drop the plant cartridge into the container, add water into the reservoir, plug it in, and voila! 


Essential Oil Diffuser

Give Mom the gift of fresh and relaxing scents for the home with this Essential Oil Diffuser.  This diffuser features an adjustable timer, automatic shut off, and 14 colors that can run solid or on cycle.  Just add your favorite fragrance scented oil into the diffuser and your Mom can enjoy the scent all day!


Best Mom Ever Stainless Steel Tumbler

Mom can enjoy hot and cold beverages on the go with this Best Mom Ever Stainless Steel Tumbler.  Available in a variety of colors, this tumbler makes a great gift for any Mom!  Keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 8 hours.


Pampering Gifts for Mom

Luxury Bath Tub Tray

For Moms who love a relaxing bath, you might want to take a look at this Bath Tub Tray.  This tray has it all with extendable sides, a reading rack, wine glass holder, and book/tablet holder.  This gift is also affordable at just under $25!


Bath Bombs Gift Set 

Want a gift to go with the Luxury Bath Tub Tray?  Check out this Bath Bombs Gift Set from Aprilis!  Great for soothing skin and relaxation, this vegan bath bomb set is 100% cruelty free and homemade.  This gift set contains 8 luxurious bath bombs that Mom is sure to enjoy!  Makes an affordable gift priced just under $15!


Pumpkin Spice Latte Soy Candle

For those Moms who love a good pumpkin spice (and we know many do!), how about this Pumpkin Spice Latte Soy Candle?  This candle has notes of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and coffee. 


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10 October 2018

5 Reasons Why Sports Are Important For Your Child’s Education

Sports are so good for children, they help them exercise, usually without them even knowing that they are doing it and they can teach them so many valuable life lessons. With the obesity rate amongst children being so high and with the increased dominance of technology in their lives, it is essential that we encourage our children to take up a sport. I don't need to sell the benefits of cardiovascular exercise to you, we all know it's essential for good heart health and to beat obesity but let's run through the benefits to your child's education that come from participating in sports to really sell it to you. 

1. They encourage higher standards of achievement

Sports teach children to participate in a society that can be competitive. Children can learn lessons about not giving up, even when things aren't going their way and that it is OK to lose sometimes, that it doesn't mean that they won't achieve what they want at some point. Life can be tough and sports help to coach children through that. I have a blog post on helping kids deal with problems if you need some extra guidance. 

2. They build discipline in the form of dedicated training and practice

Sports can help your child come to the realization that if they want something in this world they have to work hard for it. They are not going to be the best tennis player, for instance, if they don't work hard and practice and when they see that putting in the hours pays off it can set them up for life. They'll also need a good tennis racquet to succeed, you can take a look here at the best new tennis racquets.

3. They teach life lessons with regard to how to deal with disappointment

Disappointment is inevitable in life but success is measured by how quickly we can rise up from them and keep going. Disappointments will happen if your child plays sports, they might lose the tournament or come third in the dance championship but learning to lose will help them in the long run. 

4. They encourage participation in physical activity

I've already discussed the benefits of cardiovascular exercise but did you know that by being physically active children can improve other functions in their bodies. Physical activity, for instance, helps to build up motor skills and also gets connections between different parts of the brain going. It can also help improve posture and build up bones and muscles to prevent issues in later life. There is a range of benefits to being physically active. 

5. They build teamwork

We can't go through life by ourselves, at some point we are going to have to work as part of a team to achieve something. There is no better way to learn to do this than by participating in a team sport. Your children will learn to communicate with team members, to follow through on actions that have been assigned to them and they will also work on organizational skills when they are thinking through strategies with their teammates. It's not just team games that can encourage these skills, however, sports such as dancing or swimming also have teamwork elements even if the ultimate results might be down to personal achievement.

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07 October 2018

Hot Holiday Toys of 2018

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If you're looking for the latest up and coming toys that are sure to be a hit this holiday season then read ahead!  This year's hot trends surrounding toys include some twists on old favorites, as well as some amazing STEM inspired toys to keep kids learning and engaged!  Let's also not leave out the fact that there are some brand new toys and games that were so interesting they had to make this list!




A great pick for kids 6+, the Ozobot is one of this year's hottest STEM toys! Aimed at beginner coding, your child can start off with simple coding using code markers and stickers. From there they can advance to programming with the use of a computer or tablet. 

OzoBot Bit Coding Robot

Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot

Another hot STEM toy aimed at children ages 6+, the Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot is not only a fun learning toy, it's currently used in over 20,000 schools! This coding robot responds to your voice, sings, dances, and can navigate objects. The Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot works with 5 different free mobile apps and offers your child hundreds of challenges, projects, and puzzles.

New Spin on Old Favorites


Teddy Ruxpin Storytime Bear

As an old favorite brought back new and improved, the Teddy Ruxpin Storytime Bear is sure to be a hit this holiday season! Featuring LCD eyes and an animatronic mouth, your child can enjoy reading and singing along with Teddy Ruxpin with or without the free accompanying mobile app. Teddy Ruxpin comes with 3 free stories and your child will love the touch sensor features of this bear that allow your child to control the stories!

 Teddy Ruxpin Storytime Bear

Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Doll

Baby Alive is back with their Sweet Spoonfuls Doll for children ages 3+. This doll comes with an outfit, blender, 2 packages of powdered food, a spoon, bottle, instructions, and a comb. Your child will enjoy feeding baby alive by mixing her food with some water in the provided hand crank blender. After feeding your child can give Baby Alive a bottle, change her diaper, and comb her hair!


Hatchimals Hatchibabies

Remember the last holiday Hatchimals craze? Well prepare yourself because one of the hottest toys this holiday season will once again involve Hatchimals, with their new Hatchibabies! Your child will love being surprised as the gender of their Hatchimal is kept secret until hatching. Each one comes with their own accessories and an official Hatchibirth birth certificate. Your child can feed, tickle, burp, and cuddle their Hatchimal baby and watch them respond with interactive features.


Hatchimals Hatchibabies

Tamagotchi Interactive Pet

Another hot toy of the past making a comeback this holiday season is the Tamagotchi Interactive Pet! Your child will enjoy caring for their Tamagotchi by hatching, feeding, playing with, and taking care of their very own virtual pet! Recommended for children ages 5+.


Upcoming Toys to Watch For


Hot Wheels Ultimate Gator Car Wash

If you have a child that loves Hot Wheels then you're going to want to check out the Hot Wheels Ultimate Gator Car Wash! Kids can enjoy sending their Hot Wheels through this large scale car wash that features rollers, brushes, color changing features, and gator's jaws to avoid!



furReal Munchin' Rex

With the ability to respond with over 35 sound and motion combinations, the furReal Munchin' Rex responds to your child's actions. Feed this Rex his bottle, broccoli, or treat and he may respond with "yummy" as he chomps his food, or he may spit his food out and say "yucky"! Recommended for ages 4+.



If your child is an animal lover you will definitely want to check out Scruff-A-Luvs! First comes the surprise if your child is going to get a dog, cat, or rabbit Scruff-A-Luvs. Next, your child can wash and groom their rescue pet, turning them from scruffy to fluffy! Comes with its own adoption certificate, brush, hair clip, and collar.


Board Games


Pie Face Cannon

Remember the popularity behind the original Pie Face game? Well Pie Face is back and better than ever just in time for the 2018 holiday season with the new Pie Face Cannon! The point of this game is to avoid being pie-faced by the whipped cream cannon. Whipped cream not included. Recommended for kids ages 5+.

Don't Step In It!

Rumored to be one of the hottest holiday board games, Don't Step In It features a game mat with strategically placed poop that players must avoid stepping in. Sure to be a fun game for the whole family! Recommended for ages 4+.


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