05 December 2016

Educate Your Kids with a Game of Bingo

Bingo is a fun game, loved by all and played by all. Bingo is known to people as the game of grans and a game that is only played for entertainment and as a fun past time. But it has has a lot more to it. Earlier, bingo was used for educational purposes which rolled out across the globe as we now know it as Online Bingo.

Let us look back at the history of edu-bingo

It was Germans who first began to use bingo in the 19th century as an educational tool to teach children their times tables, animals names, spelling, and history. Like Le Lotto, this game gave players a game card on which a selection of numbers or letters were printed. Using a tombola drum, the master of ceremonies would then draw tiles and the first player to cover a set amount of numbers or spell out a certain word would be declared the winner. This game proved to be an effective gimmick and since then it gained more popularity and spread throughout the world.

Bringing back the past: how to use bingo for educating your kids?

You have two options to choose from: You can either choose to buy bingo cards or customize them as per your wish and liking. The latter is more preferable. Each player gets a large card with squares containing words, phrases or pictures. Everybody gets the same words, but in a different order. Each time the caller calls out a word, the participant searches for the right square on his card, and marks it. This helps in improving grasping power and also aids in increasing their performance levels. The first player to have five words highlighted in a row yells 'Bingo', and wins.

While your kids are away from home and studying and you have no one to play with, you can indulge yourself in online bingo and look into reviews of sites like Rehab Bingo. Online bingo lets you play with other players, therefore, making you feel homely.

Winner price

Rewarding is the best way to keep your kids going and interested and motivated at the same time. Kids love gifts and when its something that they like, they would do anything to get more of it. Its a great way to improve your kids mental agility and cognitive strength for a better memory. Some of the gift ideas could be their school essentials, toy that they have been longing for or any other thing that you think would be the best for your kids.

Besides teaching it also develops the team spirit among the kids and improves their interpersonal relationships which is by the way a great relief as you will have to deal with less fights. So, start playing bingo with your kids and have a good time.

The Rye Pancakes Fairytale

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.

The legend says that once upon a time there was a pancake recipe that helped mommies lose weight. It was made with a magic ingredient called rye flour. One day a queen mommy decided to serve these pancakes in her castle. Because they were also very healthy for her kids, the prince and the princess. Then she decided to infuse the pancake recipe with rye whiskey. That made her husband the king very content. And they lived happily ever after!

As funny it might sound, this “fairytale” of mine is actually true. The discovery of rye was a huge event for me. Stick around and find out why.

Benefits of Rye in Pancake Recipes

Rye is not as popular as other grains, such as whole wheat or barley, even though they belong to the same plant family. Rye is a rich, hearty grain that has been consumed in Northern European and Slavic countries for centuries and, due to its numerous health benefits, is now gaining popularity in the USA as well. Rye is found in the form of flour and rye seeds (rye berries). 

Rye flour tends to be more nutritious than wheat or barley because it keeps the endosperm, which contains fiber, starches, as well as numerous vitamins and nutrients.

Rye controls the cholesterol levels in your body and gives your metabolism a boost. It suppresses weight gain because it fills you faster and keeps you full for a longer time. All this reduces the appetite and makes you eat less. 

Besides the weight loss benefits, rye has other impressive health benefits, including the ability to fight against cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, inflammation and high blood pressure.

How to Use Rye in Pancakes

When it comes to rye flour, there is one rule: the darker, the better. Dark rye flour is the least refined, more coarsely ground and keeps the most health benefits. However, it is most commonly sold as medium-dark rye flour. There is another widely available variety, pumpernickel flour, which is dark rye flour made from whole grains and is usually used in bread making. The rye berries can also be ground in a coffee grinder to produce rye flour for baking.

When using rye flour in pancakes, treat it like whole wheat. Rye flour produces heavy and dense batter, so for lighter pancakes, you can mix rye flour with another type of flour, preferably oatmeal. Other healthy and light flours to mix with rye are almond, coconut, and soy flour. Store your rye flour in a cool, dark place because it spoils easier than other types of flour. Another important change to make in your favorite pancake recipe is to get rid of white refined sugar. Replace it with honey, molasses, agave syrup, maple syrup, or stevia.

Idea for rye flour pancakes: Try adding a cup of diced apple to the batter and spice with cinnamon. 

Other Rye Products to Use in Pancakes

Rye is used to produce beer and whiskey. Beer is added to the pancake batter because of its carbonation (i.e. the bubbles) to contribute extra fluffiness. Beer pancakes are also called mancakes. They are totally kids-friendly because most of the alcohol evaporates during cooking. Try also kvass in pancakes, a rye product very popular in the Slavic countries. 

When it comes to whiskey, I have found that it pairs very well with bacon in pancakes. Mix it with fried and chopped bacon slices. The maximum amount of whiskey allowed is ¼ cup if you want your kids to be able to consume the pancakes. You can also prepare a sauce by combining whiskey and maple syrup in a pan. Bring to a simmer and allow it to thicken. Serve over warm pancakes.

02 December 2016

How a Day Planner Is an Essential Part of Everyday Life

Keeping track of your schedule as a kid is usually pretty easy. You mostly have to worry about school and extracurricular activities, and maybe a job if you’re old enough to find part-time employment. Your parents handle the reminders of your various commitments. As an adult, you’re in charge of remembering your schedule and appointments, and it can sometimes get overwhelming to keep straight all of your deadlines for work, bills, and even healthcare checkups. If you don’t already have a day planner, it’s high time to realize that having such a planner is and should be an essential part of your everyday life.

Boosts Time Management

No matter if you have a photographic memory or struggle remembering your own birthday, managing your own planner helps you to be productive and master your time better. This is because you can clearly see the things you need to do at any given time, and you can make plans to suit your needs and schedule. As you complete one item on your planner, you are also more likely to complete other items or take on other challenges. If you have a hard time motivating yourself to get things done, planners can help.

Reduces Stress

Trying to think of everything you have to do on any given day can get overwhelming. When you put your commitments into a planner, however, you can clearly see where your responsibilities lie. It can be calming for some people to see that their schedule is not quite as jam-packed as they were imagining in their heads. It’s also a great way to reassure yourself that you can indeed complete all of the things you need to do today. And if for some reason you can’t, then seeing your schedule helps you to say no to certain things and understand your personal limitations. All of this can work to reduce the stress in your life.

Validates Your Productivity

Planners also serve as a physical validation of your productivity. If you use it to record all of your commitments and check them off as you complete them, you can see just how much you managed to do in one day. This starts another cycle of motivation and reassurance – you can do it!

While you might not have needed a day planner as a kid, it can be an invaluable tool as an adult. If you haven’t taken advantage of the many benefits offered by keeping a personal planner, there’s no better time to start than now.