Finding the Best Way to Tap into Your Students' Potential

Finding the Best Way to Tap into Your Students' Potential

As a teacher, you need to use every available resource to help your students realize their potential. From engaging activities to questioning techniques that will prompt them to dig deep, you need to use a vast repertoire to be most effective. As a master teacher, your main goal is to assist your students in becoming independent as they delve into critical thinking skills. Visit today to find more tools to help your students to be their best.

Higher-Order Thinking is Essential

When it comes to learning and deep understanding, higher-order thinking is the ultimate goal. Your students need more than surface knowledge and the ability to apply what they have learned in real world situations. They need to attain the most advanced level of comprehension as they gain in-depth understanding of subject matter, are able to question why things happen the way they do, and form premises. By forming hypotheses and testing their theories, your students become truly engaged in knowing their minds. Engagement modeling activities are GLN Consulting's area of focus, engaging students in ways you may not have explored before. Open the door to a greater understanding of the world of psychology.

Give Your Students the Tools to Understand Psychology

Complement your existing curriculum and the effective methods you are already using through engagement modeling activities. When you are committed to giving your students the best, you will get the best from your students. You need to be flexible and use an assortment of innovative techniques that can assist your students on the path of discovery. Turn to the experts and those who have researched what works most effectively. Model-based reasoning is an excellent tool, assisting your students in developing explanatory theses. Your students will be provided with phenomena and use their higher level thinking skills to figure it out to the best of their ability. With the help of the team at GLN Consulting, you can learn more about this exciting method. You'll be guided by those who are experienced and have done the legwork necessary to use this type of activity in your classroom.

Let the Experts Help You to Help Your Students

In the same way that you are a guide for your students, you need leadership as well when you are learning a new technique. Turn to those who have already blazed a trail n the area of engagement modeling activities. You will learn the proper approach so that you can make it work for your students, helping them to expand their minds.

Keep Your Mouth Healthy In Between Dental Visits with Crest Pro Health Products #TartarRinse

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Smiley360.  I received products to facilitate this post in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions shared in this post are 100% my own and are not a result of any outside influence.

Did you know that one out of every two adults has gingivitis and they may not even know it? (Crest)  The good news is that preventing gingivitis, and even reversing gingivitis is simpler than you think when you have the right tools, like with Crest's line of Pro Health products for example!  Crest Pro Health products help to target the main causes behind gingivitis, concentrating on gum health.  Crest Pro Health has a fantastic Clinical Gum Protection Toothpaste aimed to target gingivitis prevention, as well as the ability to help reverse it within four weeks!  Crest Pro Health products also protect those areas that dentists check for most including cavity prevention, tooth sensitivity, tarter buildup, fresh breath, plaque, and more!  Other products in the Crest Pro Health family include rinses, toothbrushes, and flosses.  To find out more about this fantastic family of products, click here.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Smiley360 and Crest I was recently able to try out some of the products in the Crest Pro Health line for myself, including their Crest Pro Health Tarter Protection Rinse, Crest Pro Health Clinical Gum Protection Invigorating Clean Mint toothpaste, and their Oral-B Pro Health Clinical Innovative Clean toothbrush.  What I really liked about the rinse was that I got a good fresh clean feeling after each use without the harsh strong reaction some rinses can give off.  I'm a coffee drinker and I like the added benefit this rinse gives of protecting against surface stains as well as helping to rebuild enamel.  The toothpaste is one that I will definitely continue to use after I am finished with this tube.  I enjoy the invigorating clean mint and this particular toothpaste covers a wide range of areas that really makes it an all in one!  The toothbrush has a nice soft flexible head for those hard to reach areas and to help combat against plaque and gingivitis, which is a definite plus!  It states that it will improve oral health in two weeks and after using it just over a week I can already feel a difference compared to how well my old toothbrush was performing.  All in all I would definitely recommend the line of Crest Pro Health products to keep your mouth healthy in between dental visits!  Below is a photo of the products I received:

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The Cost of Studying Abroad

Career field with most opportunities to grow

The Cost of Studying Abroad

Many of today’s college students are traveling to other countries to study. This experience can provide them with opportunities to meet new people, learn a new language, network, travel, and experience life among a different culture. All of these activities usually help students to become well-rounded individuals. As they approach graduation, they are likely to have a better chance at landing internships and job opportunities. If you are interested in studying abroad, it is important to understand the associated costs involved.

Tuition and Fees

When you studying overseas, you still have to pay tuition and fees. Depending on where you go to school, the tuition cost will vary. It might be the same as your regular school tuition, or it might be a little bit more. In addition, you will need to pay for various fees. The most common charge is a registration fee. This enables you to sign up for the problem. Along with this fee, you might need to pay for health insurance.

Books and Supplies

While you study, you will need books and supplies. Although you will be in a foreign country, the classroom experience will be similar to what you are used to. For example, you will attend classes regularly, receive homework, take tests, and get graded. Thus, it is important that you have the proper tools to succeed. Your professor should let you know what books and supplies are needed. Typically, the books are costly. However, sometimes they can be resold after you are done with the program.


You will need a place to live when you are studying abroad. Some programs provide housing for students. This is usually a great option, and it is sometimes more affordable. However, it is not always available. If this is the case, you will need to look for something close to the campus. The classified ads usually list sublets, which tend to be good options because they are short-term contracts.


During your program, you will need to pay for your food. If you are going to another country with your university, there might be a meal plan option. This is a convenient way to ensure that you always have food. However, it might be less expensive for you to buy your own food. This can also be a healthier way for you to eat while you are traveling.


In order to get to the foreign country, you need a plane ticket. Most students book this ticket months in advance to get the best deal. Some people even book flights that have multiple stops, because they offer even lower fare prices than direct flights. Depending on your budget, you can choose the best option for you. Just make sure you are there in time for the program.

Personal Expenses

It is also a good idea to budget for personal expenses. For example, many students like to travel and enjoy the nightlife in the area. These activities usually come with a cost. Therefore, extra spending money is a plus.

Although these expenses can add up, studying abroad can be a rewarding experience. It prepares many students for successful futures and helps them to land good jobs.


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