19 October 2017

Women's RFID Wallets Safeguard More Than People Think


Currently, most people are aware of identity theft and have (probably) taken steps to preserve themselves, right? Right. Bircraft, we’re undertaking our part to help you keep safe AND fashionable with our RFID wallets. In the event you’ve heard of them- however, don’t know exactly what they do, we can shed a little light on that too. RFID stands for radio-frequency identification, that is the usage of radio waves to scan and acquire information stored on a tag connected to an object, frequently placed on a credit card. 

So it only seems reasonable to assume that scanners are developed by unsavory figures to scan and gain access to the information off your credit cards. Those scanners are used to jeopardize your information. But we’re one step forward with our RFID wallets for women beautifully made with specific lining to prevent virtually any scanners from stealing your valuable information. 

Our RIFD wallet design and style options include clutch wallets and telephone zip wallets in larger and smaller sizes, as well as different colors. Considering that you’re traveling soon, personal identity security needs to be top of mind. Our leather passport wallets also provide improved identity security with the same scan-blocking liner like our wallets. So with all this technical aspect, talking about how great these wallets look; you’d never presume that they’re engaging in dual time. Conceive it like extremely hero leather material wallets: classic attractiveness nonetheless they fight identity theft crime too. Never be worried about the sensitive information again with Bircraft leather wallets to the rescue. 

Women RFID Blocking Trifold Clutch Wallet Oil Wax Leather 

Our Credit Card Pocket is equipped with sophisticated RFID SECURE Technology, and a distinctive composite can safeguard the valuable information from being scanned by unwarranted scans of stores, supermarkets, cinema or other public places.

Women RFID Blocking Trifold Genuine Leather Wallet

 This wallet is made of Top-Grain Pebbled Leather, which feels luxury, comfortable and looks even better after using for a long time. Pebbled Leather has a distinguishing characteristic that it may have irregular wrinkles and textures, which is natural leather texture formation. Extremely practical and functional for everyday! 

Women RFID Blocking Trifold Checkbook Holder Travel Wallet. 

One Wallet is more than enough. Top quality and genuine leather, about 11 credit card slots, three clear slots for your photo identity or snapshots, a zippered region to hold change or cash, you could easily suit smaller sized phone. This is a very nice wallet, remarkable packaging attractive for showing as something special. The initial fold is a great place to get easy access to your most used cards and ID. There is even a compartment for change. A convenient feature for those who travel. 

Women RFID Blocking Large Zipper Wallet 

We choose high-quality metal zippers and hardware for durability. Gold-tone hardware has high resistance to rust, corrosion, and tarnishing, which will be gleaming like a new one even many years afterward. Zippers have likewise long been modernized to much smoother model that you can quickly zip it up without catching on anything. No concerns on zippers with our wallet!

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18 October 2017

How To Stay Motivated & Inspired As A Mom

Parenting is not easy. It’s not enough that you are looking after the well being of your child in this crazy world, but when you factor in working a full-time job, marital challenges, finances, friends, and relatives, is it any wonder most moms are overwhelmed and stressed out?

Here are four ways moms can stay motivated and inspired while they raise their children:

1. Remember Your Childhood Years

Chances are, your years as a child were not easy. We have all faced some sort of difficulty growing up during adolescence that has translated to some form of dysfunction in our lives.

As a mother, you have an opportunity to give your child a better childhood. To be able to give them something that you were not able to get when you were growing up. By taking the time to remember your frustrations, this can motivate you to want to do better as a parent.

2. Use Inspiration Quotes Every Day

We see them all over Facebook and the web, inspirational quotes and positive quotes. And while they may seem cliché or over used, they do work.

By taking a few minutes each day to review some uplifting words, you help condition your mind for the day to be ready to take on whatever may come. Each challenge we face provides us an opportunity to choose who we are and what we want. It allows us to define what our outcome may be relating to the situation.

3. Schedule Alone Me Time

Give, give, give, and more giving. This is the life of a mother. Every day you are giving to your children, husband, employer, friends, family, pets, neighbors, and so on. While this type of behavior may seem to be “the right thing to do”, it can also be quite destructive because you will eventually run out of juice and can become resentful.

In a recent study, most mothers only get 17 minutes of “me time” each day. If you want to stay motivated and inspired, you must take more time for yourself. You must fill your tank with the good stuff so you have more to give. It may sound contradictory to your beliefs, but rest assured your children will get more from you if you give more to yourself.

4. Move Your Body Every Day

You probably hate the idea of going to the gym and that’s fine. But you must move your body in some way to get your circulation flowing and your heart pumping. You can try anything from yoga, pilates, walking, bike riding, jumping jacks, hiking, etc. Just move your body.

If you do not move your body regularly, it makes it much easier for depression to set in and your body will start to ache. This negative energy will than affect how you are able to support your child when they need you the most.

Bonus tip: Take a hot bath once a week with Epsom salt.

In conclusion, you are on a beautiful journey of helping your child into this world. By staying motivated and inspired, you will be a better version of yourself that will allow you to give them more so they can be the best versions of themselves.

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15 October 2017

Don't Get Scammed This Christmas 2017

What helps you stay informed and happy in your purchasing decisions? Do you stick with a chosen retailers products? A chosen manufacturer? Is there a salesman at the local store who you have trusted for years? Or, like many people, do you float on the online marketplaces worrying about what to acquire each season through pure choice alone? Do you feel worried about acquiring products at the correct price?

When it comes to purchasing products online for Christmas, the sheer choices open to you can worry you from the start. How do you know if you’re buying the right product at the right price from the right vendor? How do you know you haven’t been scammed this Christmas period, a time when money is tight in the first place?

Well, there are a number of ways you can be more informed about your purchasing decisions, and a few attitudes to keep to help you identify and prevent a scam. It would be instructive to teach your elderly relatives about this as well, as often they are less well versed in the climate of the internet and how to navigate it.

Luckily, a number of these tips are also compatible with high-street purchases, so the wisdom you find in this article can help you in many avenues.

Assess Your Computer Security

This time of year is where the most online activity takes place in online marketplaces, and for that reason scammers, hackers and people with negative intent are the most active. Make sure that you’re able to resist their attempts to compromise your financial security with a few easy, simple tips. First, make sure that you only visit online marketplaces which contain valid security certificates. You will be able to see this at the top of the internet browser you use. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge keep the security certificate information clearly presented in the address bar, and it should look like a green lock or something similar. If you see this icon present, you can be sure that the webpage is encrypted and secure from hacking, and your information is strongly likely to stay protected.

This isn’t the only thing you should take care of though. You should also make sure that your antivirus software is available to protect against threats if you do by chance visit a webpage which is compromised. This way you can ignore phishing attempts with higher strength.

Another excellent method to keeping your computer secure is to type the websites you want to visit in Google before finding them for the first time. It’s easy to misspell a service name accidentally when typing the full address into the search bar. While that does give you a more direct result typed correctly, a mistype can take you to a service trying to gain the attention of people who do misspell. These websites can be dangerous, so make sure you use a search engine as a filter, which will always prioritize the most reputable and official link they can find, no matter what store you are looking for, and hopefully no matter how niche it is.

Get An Experts Opinion

It’s important that the products you purchase at Christmas are well reviewed and are liable to stand the test of time. No one wants to see the product they have gone to great effort to pay for and acquire break within a matter of weeks, or be apparently low-quality, especially when compared to other items on the market.

For this reason, an instructive way of knowing you’re choosing the right product could be through using a service like BPP - Best Products Pro. These expert reviewers will check out products from multiple varieties of industry, and present to you the best products to acquire. This can be much more reliable than consumer reviews because these services will often subject the products considered to various stress tests in order to determine lifespan, as well as comparing the product to a larger pool of similar products than a consumer could.

Consumer products, while valid, are sometimes not complete or trustworthy. Someone who has gone to the effort of paying a significant amount of money to acquire an item will often be interested in seeing the positive in said item, so they feel justified and wise about their purchase. Also, with independent and unverified consumer reviewers, you are never sure if the reviews are trustworthy, or if they’ve been paid. While this is relatively unlikely to occur, the possibility is definitely there, so it’s best to go with expert, unbiased reviewers with a greater pool of resources. This way, you can be sure every factor has been considered and taken care of.

Don’t Go Looking For The Cheapest Deal

Looking for the cheapest product can often lead you in directions which leave something to be desired. Online auction houses and user-based selling sites can sometimes present amazing deals, but sometimes, they can seem too good to be true. Scammers will often try and present products through these services and acquire your money before you find out that the product is defunct or unreliable.

While eBay uses Paypal and other security services to make sure both ends of the transaction are secure, other selling services aren’t as tightly run. Sites like Depop and Shpock, despite their convenience and versatility in items you can find, these are likely the services most likely to be stocked with people looking to make money from people unfamiliar with wise financial habits online.

Sometimes, spending a little more money on acquiring an item through reputable vendor can be worth it regarding security alone. This also gives you the potential of acquiring warranty for your items. If the product is broken or non-functional on Christmas day, you can refund or have the item repaired in no time. Sometimes acquiring a second-hand item in this way can separate you from support services such as these. During Christmas, there’s nothing worse than the presents you give and have spent time acquiring failing on the day they’re unwrapped. Shield yourself from this possibility by looking for the most valuable place to purchase, no matter the value of the item.

Purchase Breakdown Protection

Furthering this last point, the best way to make sure your items are covered for the future sometimes means purchasing breakdown protection. This could cost a little more depending on the product, but it’s usually intrinsically worth it. During the chaos of a family Christmas, accidentally causing damage to an item is possible. If you’re gifting your kid's expensive electronic items, you can never be sure they’ll handle the item with complete and total caution. While a product breaking doesn’t constitute the definition of a scam, you’ll certainly feel you’ve been slighted if the retailer tells you they can’t help you thanks to your unwillingness to previously purchase breakdown cover. For that reason, solving this issue before it becomes one is wise and advisable.

Check, Check, Check Auction Retailers

If you have decided to use a service like eBay to acquire your item, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re guaranteed to have a positive experience. Scammers can exist in the form of people who are simply incompetent with their delivery methods, or their ability to transport the item to you in a timely fashion. For this reason, it’s a must to continually check on who you are purchasing the item from. How many reviews do they have? What do the reviews say? Does googling their username yield any complaints on other blogs or websites? How old is their account and what products have they been saying? What is their buying history like? Make sure you view all of this information before you put a bid in or buy an item, even if it’s close to the end of the auction listing.

By following these tips, you can be sure that the potential of being scammed is close to impossible.

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