17 October 2019

Settle Tax Debt with Defense Tax Group

Have you fallen behind on your taxes and feel overwhelmed and unsure where to turn?  The truth is you're not alone.  If you're being bombarded with calls and letters from the IRS regarding your back taxes there is hope to get things back on track!  Based in Los Angeles, Defense Tax Group recently served their 10,000th client and they want to help you get a hold of your tax situation so that you can rest comfortably. 

Depending on the client's individual tax situation, Defense Tax Group has been able to help settle tax debts for a fraction of the amount owed, they have successfully removed tax liens, stopped or removed wage garnishments, as well as helped remove interest and penalties.  Defense Tax Group offers free consultations to go over your individual needs and what options are available to you. 

Defense Tax Group also understands the financial strain individuals who seek help are already experiencing.  That's why they are happy to provide payment installation plans so that you are able to get the help you need without an added financial strain.  Defense tax group has a goal of helping you take back your life.  Get started today by visiting the Defense Tax Group website or by calling the number below!

Actual testimonial from a satisfied Defense Tax Group customer:

C.J., in California, recently said in a five-star review, “Defense Tax has gone far above and beyond any resolution I could have imagined.  I almost didn’t believe them when they called to explain the offer to me, I mean 3000 dollars on over 250 thousand is pretty unbelievable right!”

Call today for a free consultation: 1 (866) 657-1040

13 October 2019

Protective Gear for Kids and Baby

Protecting your child is your priority and Simply Kids knows how important the safety of your child is.  With kids protective gear designed for the safety of children and babies in mind, Simply Kids is proud to offer premium protection at an affordable price!  Their amazing line of knee pads and elbow pads are comfortable and feature easy to use velcro straps that ensure a snug and proper fit.

Do you have a little one just starting to crawl?  Simply Kids offers baby knee pads to protect your child from bruises and carpet burn.  They come in a variety of patterns and make the perfect gift for new parents!  You can also feel safe with your child using Simply Kids protective gear because they are certified by the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act).

You can find Simply Kids protective gear products on Amazon.  If you're a Prime member you can get free shipping on your order which makes their affordable prices even sweeter!  Protective gear sets that come with children's knee and elbow pads are priced under $30 and baby knee pads are under $13.  You'll want to check out the array of products by Simply Kids and see what might fit your family's needs.

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11 October 2019

Ways to Prepare for Weather Emergencies

Many Florida residents are all too familiar with wild weather. A rainstorm, thunderstorm, or hurricane can pose a risk to both families and homes. A power outage or flood can greatly affect your power sources and food supply. Everyone should have a plan that will let them be self-sufficient for up to 72 hours. Being prepared not only has practical applications, it can take much of the worry out of an emergency.

Emergency Supplies

 Image via Flickr by Scott Woods-Fehr

Emergency kit items recommended by the Centers for Disease Control include flashlights and batteries, warm clothing, pain relievers, and matches. You might have to address a medical problem or injury yourself, as first aid responders may not be readily available. Therefore, other good items to include are bandages, cleansing agents, and prescription medication.

Other effective supplies include a generator, candles, and a whole-house surge protector, such as that recommended by Scott's One-Hour Air Conditioning and Heating. The latter prevents voltage spikes and protects household electronics.

Evacuation Plan

Prepare a “go bag” for when there's no time and immediate evacuation is critical. A portable kit could help you stay alive for several days. It should contain enough food and water for three days, as well as a flashlight and batteries, local maps, and a first aid kit. Also, try to keep your cellphones and electronics fully charged, as finding a power supply in a weather emergency may be difficult. Additionally, have a place to go. Make arrangements with friends and family, or move to a designated shelter.

Food Prep 

According to Current Results, Tampa, Fla., endures an average of 82 days of thunderstorms a year. That is a lot of potential power outages. Your fridge and freezer may stop working, resulting in food spoilage. If the food hasn't gone bad already, a fridge thermometer may help you determine what state your meats and vegetables are in. As mentioned, families should have a three-day supply of food and water. Dried goods, such as canned meat, peanut butter, and crackers, are great to have on hand. Ensure all food is stored in a high place where it can be kept dry and inaccessible to flooding. Consider preparing ice beforehand to help keep certain foods from spoiling.

Home Protection

A hurricane or flood can wreak havoc on your home. You may be able to save time and money by investing in a good home insurance policy, and possibly even one that covers flooding, according to AccuWeather. Structural protection is also important. If you plan on evacuating, make sure to secure all windows and doors to avoid interior damage and possibly a house collapse. Protect your items as well—seal all cracks, unplug appliances, roll up area rugs, and place as many items as you possible in high places where water cannot get. Also, don't forget to shut off you power and water lines before you leave.

The best way to face a weather emergency is to be prepared. Protect your home and your family by storing non-perishable foods, putting together a "go bag," and having a good evacuation plan.