14 January 2019

5 Tips to Move into a Retirement Village Without an Issue

Moving to a retirement village can be stressful. You need to take care of a lot of things including Paperwork, packing, moving and god knows what else.  To help you make it through without an issue, we are giving you a few tips to manage everything with stressing yourself out. So, make sure you follow them!

1.  Choose Your New Home

After you have made your mind to live in a retirement village, start hunting for your new home.
Look for an ideal abode which offers an exclusive hold to give you enough time to sell your old home. Put it on the market, don’t worry you don’t have to pay a deposit when reserving a unit.

2.  Sell Your Old Home

Most people try to sell their old home before moving into the retirement village. When it comes to selling your home, you need to choose an agent, figure out a sale strategy, pick a selling price, do you want to auction or private treaty?

Reputed agents give you several options when it comes to selling your property. They give you helpful tips about the selling process and negotiate the sale for you. Therefore, you need to research the right agent. Ask your friends and family for any suggestions. 

When searching a real estate agent, you have to view their sale history, and what former clients have to say about him. So, start with asking a few brokers to check your home and give you a quick rundown how you will fare in the market. You also need a solicitor for the paperwork and advertisement. 

3.  Preparing for the Big Day

Once you set a date, you need to book an appointment with a moving and removalist company. They can lend a hand to pack and unpack your stuff. Get your stuff ready for the movers to load into the truck. These services help you set up your home. Following, we are sharing some handy tips to help you with the move:

·         Book the removals service as soon as you decide the moving date
·         Label moving boxing, or hire a packing service
·         Arrange to disconnect the phone, gas and electricity connection
·         Pack necessities separately to service the first day at your home
·         Keep important documents close by 

4.  Speak to Your Future Neighbors

You better speak with your future neighbors at retirement villages in QLD. It will give you a perspective about whom you will live with. You need to be social with them before moving in. It will help you navigate through the retirement village and find the right spots for shopping, eating out etc. You need to talk to several residents and try to make a friend along. 

5.  Research the Community

You need to find out as much about the village as you can. You need to explore the new places and find what activities, opportunities, facilities and eateries are available. It's important because when you move into the community, you know facility and services are available. It will make your move more comfortable. 

13 January 2019

Three Tips for Maintaining Self-Care as a Mommy

Motherhood is filled with joys and triumphs. You're faced with new moments, new decisions and new experiences every day. However, one of the most common issues mothers run into is the struggle to take care of themselves. When you're dealing with a new baby, it's easy to become consumed with them. This can happen to the detriment of yourself. Then, you're looking in the mirror, unable to recognize yourself. If this is currently your dilemma, consider these three tips for developing self-care as a mommy. 

1. Wear a new uniform. 

Find a uniform that you can wear every day. The key is to make sure that it's comfortable yet chic. It can be dark leggings and a cute button-up blouse. You can choose a dark denim pair of jeans with a cute graphic t-shirt. Along with the top and bottom, find a fun accessory to throw on. You can choose a cute pair of earrings, a nice statement necklace or a few bangles. Then, find a red lipstick color that works for you. Once you put that look together on a daily basis, you'll develop a tradition of being polished and presentable at all times. 

2. Create new habits. 

If your baby takes a nap around 3 pm, consider this a chance for you to take a break in order to do something you love. You might choose to watch a show on Netflix or go jogging on the treadmill. Instead of always prepping the baby's next moves, take a portion of time to dedicate to yourself. 

3. Set aside time to splurge. 

Take time to splurge on yourself once a month. Even if money is short, you can carve out a few extra bucks to do something nice for yourself. In order to help you stay focused, use a spare change bank to collect your extra coins. Do your best to collect spare change and extra money you find. As you put money into the bank on a daily basis, this will help you get excited about the idea of doing something for yourself. Go to the spa. Get a manicure. Buy a gorgeous dress or a pair of pumps. Make sure it's something for you to enjoy. 

12 January 2019

Learn How To Sew with Tips for Beginners

If you've been considering picking up sewing but are wondering where to begin don't worry, there are plenty of helpful resources out there to get you started!  One such resource that contains a wealth of information for beginners is TeachYouToSew.com.  Their website is full of tips and a list of essentials that will help guide you on your journey.  They feature a variety of articles and references to products that one would need starting out.  

The Basics of Sewing


For those wanting to learn how to sew, you will want to start out with the basics.  You can pick up these basics from your local craft store, big box stores, or through TeachYouToSew.com.  If you're unsure about which brand or product to select, take your time and read reviews so that you can ensure you are getting quality products.  Below are some of the basics you will need when starting out.

Sewing Basics:

Sewing Machine
Sewing Needles
Sewing Supplies such as scissors, adhesive tapes, and safety pins
Storage for your supplies

Getting Started Sewing


Once you have your basic sewing supplies you will want to learn some simple starting patterns or project ideas.  While you can find a lot of resources online to help with this it may be helpful to sign up for some beginner sewing classes in your area.  Check with your local craft stores as these places usually offer a variety of crafting classes every month.  TeachYouToSew.com offers some great starting points including practicing sewing a straight line and then progressing to different settings such as the zig zag line.  From there you can progress to buttons and zippers.  Once you get the hang of the basics you will be well on your way to becoming a real pro at sewing! 

For all your beginner sewing needs be sure to check out TeachYouToSew.com!  They have so many helpful tips that can start you off with your newfound hobby.