15 July 2019

Designing a Yard for Kids

Too many children today don’t know what outside is. Many kids have grown up with their little eyes tethered to the television or game system. Unfortunately for these kids, they don’t realize that there is magic to be found when they go outside. As a parent, spend some time making the outdoors and inviting space for your kids. Here are some ideas to help get you started on designing a yard for children.

Grass Foundation


The best foundation you can lay for outside play is a grass yard. Few children will find much charm in playing on a concrete slab, dirt covered lot or rocky yard. Soft, cool grass is much more inviting and less harmful to bare feet. Keep your yard watered and mowed so it is always ready for children to play. If you don’t have grass in your yard yet, consider installing some St Augustine sod Jacksonville FL.

Plenty of Shade


Summers can get pretty warm, and unless your kids are playing in the water, the summer sun is going to send them right back indoors. If you have lots of trees in your yard, position the kid’s play area where it will receive a lot of shade. If your yard is lacking in shade, create some shade of your own. There are many varieties of sun shades available on the internet. After installing mounting points, install the shade and your kids will be set.



A playhouse is another fun addition to your yard. Children have wonderful imaginations and will enjoy playing house or pretending they are in a castle. Make sure the playhouse you build either includes a roof or built-in shade. There are many plans available on the internet for a do-it-yourself option. Alternatively, you can buy pre-fabricated kits and simply assemble them at home.

Rock Wall


Children love to climb. Whether it’s climbing on furniture, climbing on your car or climbing up trees. Give them an appropriate outlet by building a climbing wall. In addition to a climbing wall, you can make a cargo net course for them to climb as well. Check out plans online. Most of the materials can be found at your local home improvement store.



Children love to play games. Why not bring the games outside? You could build a horseshoe pit. You could put together a colorful hopscotch mat. You could assemble a giant-size version of Jenga out of two-by-fours. There are many options to get your kids to play games outside.
Some of the most fun your kids can have can be found outside. Give them the gift of an outdoor play area and enjoy the countless hours they will spend in nature.

4 Tips for Buying a New Mattress

Buying a new mattress is an important investment.  After all, we spend around 1/3 of our lives sleeping.  When you consider that fact you can see just how essential it is to find a mattress that you are going to love for years to come.  The following are some tips to help you when it comes to buying a new mattress.  Consider these tips as you shop around for the perfect night's sleep!

Mattress Firmness

Knowing how firm you prefer your mattress is going to help you when shopping.  While a mattress may claim they are firm, another mattress company could consider the same as extra firm.  Some companies give a firmness rating system for their mattresses which usually help when purchasing a bed.  A general guiding point system is 3 to 5 points being a soft mattress, 6 to 7 points being a medium firmness, and over 7 points up to 10 points meaning firm.  

Try Before You Buy

While most people already like to lay down and try the feel of a mattress before they decide to purchase, many people don't actually try it as long as they should.  Take the time to actually lie down and try the mattress for 10-15 minutes to really get the feel of it and to see if it will work.  Don't be embarrassed to do so as this is your investment on a good night's rest and if you rush the process you may end up with a bed that you really don't care for after all.

Consider Shopping Around

Since purchasing a new mattress can be a big investment, just not on sleep but also financially, taking your time to shop around is recommended.  Prices for the same mattress can vary depending on the dealer.  Don't feel locked into purchasing your mattress at one dealer just because you tried the mattress and it is one you are interested in.  If you find a particular brand and model that you like you can call around other stores in the area to see if they carry the model and what their prices are.  If you are set on a particular mattress or bed frame you can also check prices online, as you may be able to get a better deal for the same bed.

Look at the Warranty

So you found a bed you love, that's great!  Now you want to be sure to check the warranty so that you know how long the warranty is for and if it comes with any replacement conditions.  You should look for a mattress that comes with a warranty of around 10 years.  Ask your mattress dealer about the warranty of the bed you are looking at and what the warranty involves so you know all the details before purchasing.

Now that you have some tips on buying a new mattress you can go out shopping feeling prepared and ready to make an informed decision.  Be sure to do your homework and take the time you need to find the mattress that is right for you.  


14 July 2019

Tips for Selecting Flooring for Your Home

Whether you're considering new flooring for a particular room in the home or doing a whole overhaul of flooring throughout the house, there are several options to consider during the process.  After all, new flooring can be a decent expense and you will want to ensure that your choice in flooring is one that you can enjoy for years to come.  The following are some tips that can help you during the process of selecting new flooring for your home.

Flooring Options

When selecting flooring you have a variety of options available.  Choices can include carpeting, hardwood, ceramic, or vinyl.  Depending on the room that you are looking at for flooring options, there are several factors to consider.  Some considerations include the proposed flooring maintenance.  Is the room heavy traffic?  If so, certain flooring may need to be kept up more than others such as hardwood which can collect visible dirt and will need to be swept and mopped regularly.  Consider hardwood flooring that is stain resistant and sealed to block out moisture.  If you are going with carpeting in a high traffic area you may want to opt for a darker tone.  White carpet will show dirt and stains easily and may not be the best option for a room frequently used and in a home with pets.  Look at your options and decide which flooring is going to the best for the area in your home.

How Long Will It Last?

Depending on the area's foot traffic, flooring can last a variety of time depending on the type of flooring and it's quality.  Carpeting typically needs to be replaced anywhere from every 5-15 years.  Investing in a high quality durable carpet will help to extend it's life.  If your carpet has high traffic it will probably need replaced somewhere in the 5-8 year mark.  Hardwood flooring can last much longer.  High quality hardwood flooring can last up to 25 years, making it a preferred choice for many.  If you're looking for your flooring investment to last, hardwood flooring is a great choice!  As with any flooring, the care you put into your flooring from the selection to the installation and upkeep, will greatly factor into your flooring's lifespan.

Instillation of Flooring

Another consideration is going to be the installation of the flooring.  If you're a handy DIY'er this may not be a major point of concern.  For others without experience installing flooring it may be best to seek out a professional to do the job.  When looking at your budget you will want to factor in installation if you are going this route to ensure that you can budget in this expense.  A good idea is to call around and do your research for flooring installation.  Does the company have good reviews?  Do they offer a free estimate?  If you're in North Carolina you can contact the Carpet Store in Raleigh, North Carolina or the Chapel Hill NC Flooring Store to both shop for flooring and get help with flooring installation.