19 May 2020

Children's Educational Resources, Activities, and Printabales

Parents looking for engaging and fun learning resources for their children can find exactly what they need at LearningKiddos.com!  Learning Kiddos was started by Marie, a mother who wanted to create a site where parents can browse a range of learning topics of activities to explore with their children. Marie has put a lot of hard work into her site Learning Kiddos, creating a site that inspires creativity.

LearningKiddos.com features free and low cost activity printables, as well as a blog packed with educational resources. Right now you can check out the blog on Learning Kiddos for learning resources about the solar system, frogs, weather, and more.  She also features tips on how to create a fun playroom!

Check out how to make this Solar System Pennant on LearningKiddos.com

In addition to creating LearningKiddos.com, Marie also runs the Learning Kiddos YouTube channel where she creates fun and educational videos for children.  Currently she has featured learning videos on topics of our solar system, frogs, and weather with more to come!   These videos can be used as a fantastic supplement to the online activities found on the Learning Kiddos website.  Marie is dedicated to bringing the best content for at home learning.  She plans to upload new content weekly so be sure to check out her website and YouTube channel regularly for new lessons and activities.

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28 April 2020

Make your Water Safe for Drinking with Simple Water Purification

All water coming from the reservoirs to your home must meet strict government standards. This would suggest that the water is safe for you to drink at home.

However, there are several reasons why you may want to consider if this is really the case:

The Journey
The water travels through miles of pipework between the treatment center and your home. It’s impossible for these pipes to be checked regularly or for minuscule leaks to be detected.
That means the water can pick up debris from inside the pipes and bacteria can even get in the water through these tiny leaks. In effect, this can destroy the treatment process as the water is re-infected before reaching your faucet.

Chemicals Added
Chlorine and fluoride are added to your water. Chlorine is very effective at killing bacteria. However, it is also an effective irritant to humans. It can cause respiratory issues, allergies, and even itchy skin if you bathe or shower in it regularly.

Fluoride, on the other hand, is added to improve dental health. Studies show that it improves tooth strength and reduces incidents of tooth decay. However, other studies show that it may be linked with an increased risk of cancer.
You’ll have to consider whether this is really a chemical you want to be consuming or not.

Standards Set
It’s also important to consider who set the government standards and whether they are the best possible standards to ensure safe drinking water.

Making Your Water Safe

The best way to deal with the issue, without resorting to buying a lot of bottled water, is to use a reverse osmosis filter.
You may have already tried some of the other filters on the market but you need to be aware that many of them are not capable of removing chemicals from the water, they concentrate on bacteria and debris.

A reverse osmosis filter is designed to force the water through a semipermeable membrane. The process is driven by a chemical difference in solvents. The water passes through these and the natural scientific reaction s for the chemicals to migrate out of the water and into the solvents. These are then flushed in a solution to remove the chemicals allowing the solvents to complete the process again and again.

The system is completely natural and removes all chemicals and heavy metals from your water, making it a reliable and simple method of making your water safe for human consumption.
If you’re not sure how effective this really is then have your water tested before you fit the filter and again after. You’ll be surprised at the differences in its quality.

It should be noted that this process is likely to change the taste of your water as the chemicals are removed. You should notice that it tastes much better. The good news is that fitting a reverse osmosis filter into your current water system is a very easy job. Once it’s in place it will last for years and easily offset the cost of purchasing bottled water every week.

22 April 2020

What Message Are You Sending To Your Kids?

A memory of my childhood came up during therapy. It was when I was 8 years old, and I prayed every night for God to turn me blonde with blue eyes. Every morning I would woke up, and run to the mirror to see if He changed me. I always got so disappointed... I didn’t like being brown, short, and having brown eyes. But how this started? It all came from the message I got from my mom and the TV. ⁣

My mom had no idea that she was damaging me. We watched shows and movies, that the main character was white. And she would always make comments of how gorgeous those girls were. She also would say how she needed to lose weight. I also heard her and her friends commenting on people that got weight. Kids my age also made fun of how big my teeth were, so I never liked to smile as a kid.⁣ I also heard my aunts and other family members telling my mom how ugly my father was, and they also would tell me how I look alike my father. I was young, but I made the connection that they thought I was ugly.

It really damaged how I saw myself. I didn’t like that God made me brown and my sister white. I didn’t like that my younger sister was taller than me. I didn’t know that all that didn’t matter. I wish I had my mom complimenting all kinds of looks. I wish that looks were not the most important thing I learned.⁣

I learned that you needed to be beautiful to be loved, instead of learning to be strong and loving myself. Maybe if I had a different message growing up I wouldn’t be abused by so many people. Maybe I would never been bulimic. Maybe I wouldn’t need to do therapy, because of anxiety, depression, and PTSD.⁣

I want my daughter to grow up being strong and to love herself the way she is, but the most important is that I want her to see the beauty in everyone. ⁣I also don’t want her to think that is the most beautiful either. I want her to know that everyone is beautiful in their own way. I want to praise her in the good things she accomplish, and encourage her to do good when she does wrong. I don’t like the way I was raised growing up, but I will use what I learned through my parent’s mistakes for the good of my kids.

Author:  Edna Freeman⁣