23 June 2020

College Dorm Move In Checklist by School

Knowing what to pack when your child goes off to college dorm living can be a little overwhelming and confusing at times.  Wouldn't it be great if you could get a dorm checklist of things to pack ahead of time that is tailored to the specific university your child is heading off to?  Good news!  There is!

Campus Arrival is a website tailored just for this.  Campus Arrival is a handy tool that allows you to search your child's college and pull up a specific checklist of items your child will need when they move into their dorm.  Not only will a specific checklist help you know what essentials your specific college requests and/or recommends, you can also determine what items would be better left at home.

Also included is information from your school outlining recommended laptop specifications, prohibitions, and tips to help your child succeed in their first year of college.  Need something on the checklist provided?  Don't worry, Campus Arrival includes links to purchase specific items requested or recommended.  The goal of Campus Arrival is to provide a one stop shop to streamline the process from organizing and packing, all the way to move in day!

While you're at it check out Campus Arrival's blog which features an array of handy topics to go over that can help with transitioning your child off to college.  Topics include help completing a FAFSA, college application and resume tips, nutrition guides, how to handle academic stress, and more.  For parents, Campus Arrival can also help you curate and tailor care packages to send to your child throughout the year!  Campus Arrival will personally give you recommendations to help you put together the perfect care package such as ones tailored for final exams or holidays.  Campus Arrival is truly a unique and exciting tool for both parents and their children alike!

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16 June 2020

New Game “Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids” Launches with Special Promotional Offer!

I know that I am not the only person out there who wants to give their toddler the best tools and resources to grow, learn, and thrive. In fact, I think it is safe to say that we all want the best for our little ones. With that in mind and the reality that social distancing is still prime, finding a valuable learning platform for them to enrich their lives is essential. Luckily, there is a new app launched today called Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids. From memory improvements to perfecting numbers, colors, shapes, body parts, and much more, this app can solidify any parent’s confidence that their toddler will be completely ready to take on preschool and kindergarten.

Notable Features
It is no secret that toddlers and younger children learn the most through play. It stimulates their minds, and they are able to associate their play with real-life concepts. With that base, these toddler games for 4-year old's are all strategically implemented and developed by educational experts to ensure that your kid can get the most benefit and value while enjoying games. 

Some notable features you can expect to find include: 

·         32 different elements your toddler can learn through, including indoor, outdoor, Pre-k specified content, animals, and tons of other explorations
·         Over 150 matching game levels, so your toddler will have something new to learn every day that tactfully challenges them
·         696 interactive flashcards that have an advanced controlling system
·         Constructive screen time for your kids with trackable features for parents to monitor
·         Voice narrations and an animated teacher named Marina
·         No WiFi needed and there are no third-party advertisements
·         A simple, clean interface that gives your toddler the leverage to strengthen their visual perceptions, motor skills, critical thinking, attention and memory, vocabulary, and cognitive abilities to optimal heights.

What really hooks me with this is how drawn my child is to the games. Any app can deliver learning content, but it takes a real powerful one to turn education into something that can keep a toddler's attention for long durations. Because let’s be real, toddlers’ attention span is generally not their strong point. But the developers on this app clearly knew what they were doing when designing something that makes toddlers really zone in. That focus and attentiveness are paying off, showing clear improvements in my child's visual perceptions, motor skills, critical thinking, attention and memory, vocabulary, and I could not be prouder with the progress she has made. It is remarkable to see the noticeable cogitative improvements she develops with each screen time, and I am so happy to have found this app to give her the opportunity to prosper. 

Promotional Offering!
Though the app is free, some in-app purchases can take your toddler's experience to more advanced levels. As a launching gift to you, there is a promotional offer starting on the launch day (June 15th), where you can save $6.99 instantly. All you have to do is apply promo code LOVE4KIDS, and you save! 

This is a limited offer for discounted access to incredible features, so take advantage of it while you can so you can give your toddler the best stepping stones for developmental success. 

Final Thoughts
Keeping toddlers sharp during this vital part of their development is crucial. With captivating learning games fostered on the Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids, your child is guaranteed to be enlightened and build an excellent educational foundation, all while having fun doing so. Give this new innovative app a try for yourself and see how it can transform your toddler’s mind with discovering new concepts, logical ideas, cognitive skills, and unlock their full potential.

For more assistance, you can watch the video tutorial “how to apply the promo code” in their facebook and youtube channel so you can begin your journey hassle-free. Again, the promo code is LOVE4KIDS.

Have a nice day!

12 June 2020

Find the Perfect Gift for Dad at ApronDaddy.com

Whether you are searching for a holiday or birthday gift for Dad, you can find some amazing and unique gifts at ApronDaddy.com!  ApronDaddy.com sells an array of aprons that Dad will enjoy with fun slogans that add personality for all of Dad's grilling adventures. 

ApronDaddy's aprons are quality made to last.  They feature front pockets for Dad to store all of his grilling tools and they are made to adjust and fit any size!  ApronDaddy.com even offers a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.  ApronDaddy's aprons have been featured by Time, Forbes, BuzzFeed, and more! 

While grilling aprons are a great gift idea for that BBQ master in your life, ApronDaddy.com also sells women's and couples aprons as well!  Speaking of the perfect gift, if you want to order Dad one of these awesome aprons for Father's Day you still have time!  Order by 6/15 to get guaranteed free delivery by Father's Day!  

Want to score an even sweeter deal?  Go to ApronDaddy.com and at the bottom of their website you can sign up for emails and get 25% off your first order!

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