18 February 2019

7 Tips to Help You Pick the Right Mattress

A mattress is one of the most significant purchases you can make in the house. The mattress determines whether you will have a comfortable sleep at night or not. That said, many people find shopping for a mattress quite overwhelming. You however need not panic, all you need is an idea of what you need in a mattress. A little window-shopping and research are required in order to be able to make a more informed decision. Outlined below are a few tips and factors to consider when shopping for one. 

1. Budget
You, of course, need to budget well for the mattress. How much you can set aside for the mattress will determine the type and quality of mattress you can find. Since this is a long-term investment, you might want to set a reasonable budget for the same. 

2. Research
Dive into the market and start researching for available options, then start narrowing down these options. Narrow down based on the mattress size, type, and level of firmness. Think of the mattresses you have slept on, and your experiences, then use that as the basis for research. 

3. Check Online Reviews
Check to see what other people are saying about the various mattress brands and types. Be sure to check out reviews from trusted review websites, for example take a look at Ikea mattress reviews. Be wary of sites that review products they have received from the particular brands or suppliers. Websites and suppliers with lots of reviews can, however, be trusted, hence could be a reliable source. 

4. Store Selection
Look for stores and retailers that sell mattresses. These can be sleep specialty shops, department stores, furniture stores, and online retailers. The store should however provide you with as much information as possible about the mattress and offer several other perks as well. If still uncertain of where to start, you can ask friends and family for help identifying the best mattress store. 

5. Seek Professional Help
Shopping for a mattress alone can be overwhelming at times. Nonetheless, looking for someone knowledgeable on the same, such as salespersons can help you find the mattress of your dreams. Engage the salespersons and attendants and have them answer all the questions you have concerning a particular mattress. If the salespersons don’t seem knowledgeable on this, you can as well look for another store. 

6. Try the Mattresses First
Try all the mattresses you are interested in before making the final decision. Slip off your shoes and lie down on the mattress. Try your favorite sleep positions, and toss around to see if you will be comfortable on these. Have comfortable pants on when trying these mattresses. 

7. Get Comfortable
Take at least 15 minutes to test each mattress. You shouldn't rush when making a decision that will affect your quality of sleep for the next decade or so. The more time you spend testing a mattress, the better your choice will be.

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Fulfilling Careers That Pay Well

 Having a job you love, that makes you feel like you’re making a difference and that actually pays well seems to be the dream scenario, but is it actually possible?

Well, if you were to look around places like Facebook, for the most part you’re going to see a bunch of people complaining about their jobs and praying for the weekend, so if you’re using them as your baseline example, then probably not.

However, if you’re willing to consider the fact that those are just a minority of people and that those who actually enjoy their job don’t feel the need to brag about the fact every 5 minutes because they’re busy actually enjoying the things they have to be focused on what they don’t have.

Whether you’re looking for a change of career or are just starting and aren’t yet sure what you want to do, but know that you don’t want a job for the sake of having one and actually want to make a difference, then in this post, we’re going to share with you some of the most fulfilling careers that actually pay well so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.


If you like children and want to work with them, taking care of them each day, then there are plenty of options for a childcare career for you to choose from. You can work in private or state daycare centres, you can work abroad as a nanny or aupair which also gives you the chance to live and experience working in another country, or you can even set yourself up as a self-employed childcare provider. You will need a qualification for this which you can study for at a college or even online with some practical placements, but it’s not that difficult to get into if this is something you’re passionate about.


Counseling is a great career to have if you really love helping people and guiding them towards solutions. As a counselor, you can work with couples, families, children or even people who are suffering from things like anxiety, depression or PTSD. There are many routes into counseling, so it’s worth checking out with your local college or university to see what you need for this career.

Social Work:

Social work is an extremely rewarding career to have, but it’s one that take a lot of your emotional energy and have you dealing with things that you could find it difficult to detach from emotionally, so it’s best to do some research into this career first to see if it’s really the right one for you, because although it’s extremely rewarding, it’s definitely not something that everyone is suited to. You can find out more about the different types of routes you can take into social work, such as courses like the advanced accredited online social work program.


Teaching is, again, not a career for everyone and is something that attracts a certain type of personality. Teaching doesn’t necessarily mean working in a school setting - especially nowadays when you can work online and teach on basically any subject that someone wants to learn such as languages. Teaching of any kind is highly rewarding and is typically well paid no matter which way you choose to do it.

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13 February 2019

Amazing Pool Accessories You Must Have

Amazing Pool Accessories You Must Have

Swimming pools are a great way to get out of the heat and cool down and relax.  Fun for the whole family pools are not just for swimming; they can offer hours of fun and entertainment as well.  If you have the right pool accessories, you can transform your backyard landscaping and swimming pool into anything you want.  Listed below are some of the most popular pool accessories on the market.


A swimming pool makes a great backdrop for entertaining friends and family.  Well entertained children are less likely to throw temper tantrum. With the right accessories, you can transform your pool into a spectacle of lights and water fountains that will have your guests in awe.  Some great accessories include:

·         Floating Lights
These sets of 12 baseball size floating lights are battery operated and will cycle through 7 different colors.  Simply press a button on the bottom of the floating light to activate and put them in your pool and create a stunning light show.

·         Submerged Lights
This set of 10 remote controlled LED lights can be submerged up to 30 feet.  You can choose between several different color modes including static and color changing all from an easy to use remote control.  Not only do these lights work in your swimming pool they can also be used outside the pool to light up around the pool or anywhere you want to create an amazing display of lights.

·         Floating Waterproof Speaker
Want to add some music to your pool or hot tub, and then this is the speaker you are looking for.  This wireless speaker can be controlled from any tablet or smartphone and are water resistant and specifically designed to float in water.  With high-quality sound and over 5 hours of playing time, this speaker can be enjoyed when relaxing in your hot tub or floating in your pool adding music for your party.  

·         Fountain
Want a unique pool decoration that not only adds ambiance to your pool but will also help keep your pool cool then try a waterfall fountain.  This multipurpose pool accessory can be assembled and attached in as little as 15 minutes and not only looks amazing but also ads the relaxing sound of cascading water.  Not only will the kids love to play in the pool under the falling water, but this accessory will also help keep your pool cooler and regulate the pH level as well.  By spraying water back into the pool, you are adding more oxygen that not only helps cool the pool but also removes carbonic acid from the water helping to regulate the pools pH levels.

Pools are not only a refreshing way to beat the intense heat, but they can also provide hours of fun and relaxation for the entire family.  Listed below are four great pool accessories that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

·         Inflatable Pool Volleyball
While the intense heat may make playing outdoor volleyball unbearable, an inflatable pool volleyball set is a great way to have fun and stay cool at the same time.  This easy to use a volleyball set simply needs to be inflated and put in the pool and will bring hours of fun to both adults and children.

·         Inflatable Pool Basketball
Want to play some basketball but the unbearable heat making it impossible, try inflatable pool basketball instead.  This easy to use pool accessory is easy to inflate and put in any pool, and now you can enjoy the refreshing water and shoot hoops at the same time.

·         Inflatable Hammock
Want to relax and enjoy your pool, but it is just too hot on the pool deck, try an inflatable hammock.  This great pool accessory can is a hammock. Lounge chair, drifter, or exercise chair all you need to do is inflate, adjust to the desired setting and you are ready to relax and stay cool in your pool.  

·         Pool Recliner
In the mood to lounge in your pool, get a tan, and enjoy your favorite beverage?  This pool accessory is what you are looking for.  This inflatable pool recliner with backrest and drink float will allow you to relax and enjoy your pool.  With two positions and an adjustable backrest, you are sure to soak up the rays and leave all tension behind as you relax in comfort in your pool.


If you have a professional come out weekly and clean your pool, it is still important to have some pool cleaning accessories on hand to help keep your pool clean between cleanings.  Listed below are three great pool cleaning accessories to have on hand.

·         Oil Absorber
To protect your pool and pool tiles from a buildup of scum in your pool a great accessory to have is an oil absorbing sponge.  This product is a pack of two turtle shaped sponges that float in your pool and spa and absorb any oils, slime, lotions, or any other materials that can accumulate and damage your pool or spa.  Convenient and easy to use you simply let the sponges float in the water, and they do all the work for you keeping your pool looking great.

·         Skimmer
In addition to weekly professional cleanings, it is important to skim your pool daily to keep dirt and debris from accumulating in your pool.  A pool skimmer is a must-have accessory for all pools and can help keep your pool clean and free from debris by simply taking a few minutes each day to remove unwanted debris from the surface of your pool before it either gets clogged in the filters or settles on the bottom and begins to deteriorate.

·         Poolside Shower
An excellent pool accessory to have is a poolside shower, by having anyone swimming in the pool shower off before entering the pool you can help keep unwanted oils and lotions from accumulating and ruining the pool.  Suntan oil, body lotions, hair conditioners, etc. can damage your pool so this easy to use accessory that attaches to your garden hose can help keep unwanted materials out of your pool and keep it clean and safe.


Owning a swimming pool can bring a lot of fun and joy to you and your family, but they also come with a lot of responsibility.  To make sure you and your family are safe four excellent pool accessories to have are listed below:

·         Swimming Pool Fence
Do you want to keep unwanted guests or pets out of your pool then a swimming pool fence is one pool accessory you should have.  A swimming pool fence can keep small children safe by not allowing them access to the pool, but it can also keep out roaming pets or unwanted wildlife.  This fence is easy to install and just as easy to remove when you are using the pool.  

·         Pool Alarm
If you have children or grandchildren and also own a pool, it is important to make sure you take the right safety precautions to avoid them falling into the pool unnoticed.  One great pool accessory to have is a pool alarm.  This pool alarm meets all standards for child pool safety and easily attaches to the gate or door that leads to the pool and an alarm will sound when it opened and will not stop until the bypass button is triggered.  By alarming the entry to the pool, you can ensure that small children can not sneak into the pool area unnoticed.

·         Pet Ramp
If you have a pet and a pool, this is a must-have accessory.  This secure lightweight escape ramp can help save your pet in the event they fall into the pool.  Since most pools are concrete and tile if your pet falls in there may be no way for them to grip and climb their way out.  With a pet ramp installed you know that tragedy will be avoided if your pet falls in the pool, made of white plastic it is easy to see and provides the grip your pet will need to get themselves out of your pool safely.

·         Safety Divider Rope
If your pool has a shallow and deep end, it is best to have a safety divider rope and float line to help distinguish when the pool becomes deeper.  This simple an easy to install accessory comes with a 16-foot rope with 5 ABS plastic floats and can be adjusted to fit the width of your pool.  Not only with this safety divider rope help keep your family safe it also looks good in your pool.