12 January 2010

PIKME Note Pads Review!

PIKME Note Pads are a great gift for friends, colleagues, teachers, for yourself, or basically for anyone! PIKME Note Pads are sized at 5x5 by 5x5 and contain 100 sheets per note pad. These pads come boxed two per set.

PIKME has a beautiful selection of watercolor images by owner/artist Kirsten Reynolds to choose from. Images include a starfish, mermaid, mailbox, seashell, elephant, flamingo, and more!

PIKME doesn't just sell Note Pads though.. They also sell wonderful items such as Note Cards & Tags, Stickers, Photo Cards, and more! All PIKME items boast a beautiful selected watercolor image!

I was lucky enough to get to take the Note Pads for a test drive, courtesy of PIKME! I was suprised to see how generous the Note Pads were in size! I was expecting a pad maybe a litter bigger than an average post it note pad, but these pads make those average guys look small! With being a busy mom and college student, I am always taking down notes or lists for something or other, and these Note Pads were ready for the job! I was able to fit all my writing on one sheet of these nice size pads, plus the beautiful flamingo watercolor image on each page added a nice touch! I would definitely recommend these!

*** Disclaimer: I was provided a product to review from the company listed above in exchange for my HONEST opinion. ***


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