17 August 2010

Online Shopping With Become.com!

 {Brought To You By Your Friends At www.Become.com}

Become.com is a shopping website that helps you find the best deals! You can access top brand names all in one place with just this one site!  Become.com acts as a comparison shopper to find you the right price every time. They even feature great sections such as editor's picks and shopping guides to help you make the perfect purchase!

I tried Become.com out for myself to see how it worked.  I typed "knit scarf". What I thought was cool was that not only could you narrow it down by a price range you wanted to pay, you could also narrow it down by what color you wanted. How cool is that? I clicked to narrow it down to only purple knit scarfs. It brought up two scarfs and both were discounted at a fair price. One scarf was even discounted at 63% off.

I would recommend Become.com over the other price comparison websites out there. I think they offer more features to help you narrow your shopping down to exactly what you are looking for. They are also running an August giveaway right now for four chances to win a $100 Patagonia shopping spree! This site is a must see!

Here are a few of their deals going on right now: 

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