30 July 2011

5 Ways To Gain New Twitter Followers

5 Ways To Gain New Twitter Followers!

If you're like me, you are always looking to up your Twitter follower numbers.  After all, as a mom blogger the bigger your social network reach, the more attention your blog will get!  I wanted to share with my readers 5 ways that I think are key to helping gain new twitter followers.  I guarantee you will see results if you put in the time and effort by following these tips!

  1. I will start with a tactic many mom bloggers have been having success with for years now...Blog hops!  There are so many mom blogger Twitter hops out there, it is beneficial to take advantage of them!  If you don't know where to look to sign up for one, here are two websites I go to that list daily/weekly/monthly hops: SimplyStacie.net  and  Acts17Verse28.blogspot.com 
  2. Take advatadge of the great resource that your own current Twitter followers have to offer!  I have had success by checking out the followers of the people who follow me on Twitter.  I start following their followers, and I have many of them return the follow soon after.  Twitter lets you follow up to around 200 people a day so I recommend trying to do that, or close to that number.  You will see a return from your efforts.
  3. Get involved with the use of hashtags (#).  With so many other Twitter users and companies searching different hashtags every day, getting involved by using them in your tweets can get you a new crowd of followers!  I like to use the hashtags #mom, #review, #giveaway, #blogging, #recipe, etc. when appropriate to my tweets.  I would also recommend tweeting with one of the current trending hashtags at least once a day.  That alone will give you tons of exposure!
  4. Write a post on your blog's Facebook personal and/or fan page letting your blogging friends know where they can find you on Twitter, and that you would be happy to return any and all follows!  I have found that most mom bloggers are more than happy to participate in link exchanges.  It's a win win for both parties!
  5. Get involved in Triberr!  If you don't know what Triberr is yet, its the best thing since sliced bread for people who want to gain new exposure for their blog/website.  You start by joining a tribe, at which point all members of your tribe will automatically tweet out your current blog posts.  What does this mean?  Your blog posts will gain new exposure to your tribe's followers on Twitter!  I have only been on Triberr for a short time and already I am gaining new blog visits and Twitter followers by using this social media innovation.  Check out Triberr and apply for a tribe of your interest to get started!  I also have some invites available to those who want to join my {Mom Blogger} tribe.  Just comment below with your Twitter username and I will get one out to you!


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