05 August 2011

5 Fantastic Lunch Ideas For Back To School

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5 Fantastic Lunch Ideas For Back To School

If your kids are like mine, they don't always want what's on the school cafeteria menu for lunch.  Thinking of how to get creative with a "brown bag" lunch can be challenging.  This summer I have been brainstorming up my own ideas, as well as scouring the internet, for a world outside of PB&J and bologna sandwiches.  I think I have found some winners!

1)   Pita Pocket Sandwiches - I love this idea!  Lined with some pesto or hummus and stuffed with some fresh veggies, cheeses, and/or cold cuts, these are a fresh twist on the old sandwich.

2)   Pasta Salad -  This one is easy to make the night before and then refrigerate in a reusable Tupperware container.  Use some cooked tri-color pasta and add some peas, olives, and cubed cheddar cheese.  Top off with a splash of low fat Italian dressing.  Just don't forget to pack the fork!

3)   Bagels Turned FabHere's another sandwich alternative, the bagel!  The combos for bagel sandwiches are endless!  Parents magazine recommends a bagel topped with veggie cream cheese and cucumber slices.  My kids love salami, so I thought a salami and low fat cream cheese duo would be a fantastic idea!  How about a mozzarella and sliced tomato bagel?

4)   Rice Roll Ups - This one I found on Parents.com and you must check it out!  With some cooked rice, deli roast beef, avocado, red pepper, and carrots - you can have a healthy roll up that looks fun and tasty!  Check it out here.

5)   Bell Pepper Chicken Salad Cups - This is one I came up with when I thought of ways I could change up one of my kids' favorites, chicken salad!  Instead of serving the chicken salad on a sandwich, I thought why not use a hollowed out green/red/or yellow bell pepper?  Nothing wrong with getting a little extra veggies in that lunch pail!

* I would love to hear any other ideas my wonderful readers may have for creative back to school lunches, so comment below and share the love! *

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  1. Great ideas! Last year, my kids begged me to let them eat lunch in the cafeteria because they were so bored with the lunches I packed. I've tried pasta salad before and they loved it. They are going to love the idea of bagels and pitas.