14 September 2011

Where To Find Royalty Free Blog Images!

Where To Find Royalty Free Blog Images!

Wondering where you can find some great quality photos and images for your blog that are royalty free and 100% legal to use?  As a blog owner, I love finding photos that suit my posts perfectly!  While I don't mind having to credit and link another owner for use of their images, it can not only give your blog a cleaner look, but it can also save you the extra time by using royalty free images!  These are images that are free to use on your site, and usually come with no linking strings attached.  You just have to know where to find them!  I have provided a list of sites below that I personally use when looking for quality images for my blog.  I hope you find these resources useful!

MorgueFile - This website offers some wonderful royalty free quality photos you can use on your site.

EveryStockPhoto - This website offers a mix of photos and images. Some are royalty free and some require credit to the owner.  What's nice is that each photo details whether its royalty free or not, and if not, who to credit!

FreeRangeStock - This website has outstanding royalty free images.  Free membership is required to download all images.

FreePixles - Another website favorite of mine for downloading high quality and royalty free images.

PublicDomainPictures - This website offers a wide range of royalty free, public domain images.

HassleFreeClipArt - If you are looking for clip art with no strings attached, you should check out this website!