05 October 2011

Tips For Keeping Your Family Healthy During Cold And Flu Season!

Tips to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

Keeping your family healthy during cold and flu season can be challenging.  Germs are everywhere!  Kids share them and bring them home from school and adults pick them up from everywhere, including the workplace.   I have come up with own personal top 5 tips for ways you can keep your family healthy during this grueling season.  Let's face it, healthier families make for happier families.  Healthier also equals less days of school and work missed due to illness.  Staying healthy is crucial to be able to properly function.  Check out my tips to see which ones you may already implement in your own home, or for ones you can start implementing!

Wash Those Hands! - This may seem like a no brainer for most of us, but its important to remind ourselves and our families just how crucial this step can be in the prevention of transmission.  The CDC (Center For Disease Control) recommends 20 seconds of vigorous hand washing, or as long as it takes you to sing "Happy Birthday".

Wipe Down Common Surfaces In The Home - You can use a bleach mixture, disinfectant wipes, or good old canned Lysol disinfectant spray (which I use!) to remove germs from common household areas like doorknobs, counter tops, and sink/toilet handles.

Give The Kids A Germ Pep Talk! - When cold and flu season comes around its a great opportunity to remind your kids about germs.  Talk to them about using tissues for drippy noses, hand washing, and the proper way to conceal their cough (coughing into the inside of your elbow will produce the least amount of germ contamination!)

Take Caution When In Public - I recommend carrying hand sanitizer or purse handy disinfectant wipes for use when out in public.  Things like the handles on store carts are filled with other people's germs.  Make sure to give them a wipe down with disinfectant wipes before use, or be sure to hand sanitize as soon as you leave the store to protect yourself.  Also, remember hand washing and toilet seat covers in public restrooms!

Boost Your Immune System! - Make sure you and your kids are taking a good daily multivitamin that is packed with plenty of daily recommended Vitamin C to help protect and boost your family's immune system.  Another good idea is to stock up on some yogurt and promote its consumption in your household.  Yogurt contains probiotics that help keep you healthy and also help to combat illness.

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I hope you found my 5 tips helpful and handy in your quest to help discover ways to keep your family healthy and germ free this cold and flu season.  Have a great tip not mentioned here?  Comment on this post and share!

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  1. great tips! We're always tired of getting sick in our family and with the cold weather coming on; it is "that time" again.

    Stopping by from the Triberr tribe; saw this article in the tribe stream; had to come check it out!

  2. I am sure a lot of people agree that keeping your family healthy during the cold and flu season is challenging. Thanks for the tips.