16 November 2011

Hotpants Review

Hotpants are the latest and greatest thing from the company Zaggora to hit the market for women everywhere!  What are Hotpants you might ask?  Hotpants are sports shorts that contain bio-ceramic technology, warming up tissue deep below the surface naturally by using your body's own heat.  The bio-ceramics in Hotpants contain far infrared reflective particles that enable your body heat to generate right back into your tissue, enabling you to lose inches and the appearance of dreaded cellulite!

With Hotpants, you can start to see visible results if worn consistently after 4-6 weeks.  In a sampling done on 20 women using Hotpants on a regular basis, the average loss was 2 jean sizes in just two weeks!  Sounding good so far right?  I did also mention the benefits of the reduced appearance of cellulite with Hotpants right?  Just making sure you're still with me!

Studies show that just wearing Celu-Lite technology in bed at night also has a positive effect over 6-8 weeks!

I had the wonderful opportunity to review Hotpants for myself and I am so excited to be sharing this fantastic product with my readers!  I've been needing to lose some extra pounds for awhile now, and this product has made the task of slimming down so much easier!  With Hotpants, I get to have a shorter, but more effective and quality workout than before.  I also love that they work for me just by wearing them around the house while I'm tidying up!  
Hotpants work by increasing your perspiration by up to 80%.  That alone helps to shed the extra weight!  I've been using my Hotpants for a week now, and I've already dropped 6 lbs, no joke!  I encourage women to grab this product up because it does in fact truly work.  Hotpants are inviting women everywhere to take their 2 week challenge.  By  joining the challenge and posting your results along the way, you are even eligible to get in on some great prize giveaways!  This is one product every women should put on their holiday wish list!
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*Disclosure:  I received a sample from the above name company, in partnership with Mom Bloggers Club, in exchange for my personal review.  All opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and are not a result of any outside influence.

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