23 November 2011

Tips For Teaching Kids Math Skills

Good quality math skills starting at an early age is key for the future of your child's education, career, and life.  Math seems to be the subject that most children have the hardest time with.  I know in my area, the local schools have recognized the need to boost their math programs and are advancing and articulating their curriculum so that when they enter middle school, they are already equipped for pre-algebra.  Math is something that I have always struggled with myself, even at a college level.  I wish that I would have been able to grasp the concepts better, especially having to start from the ground up after seeing my college entrance math testing results. Yikes!

For the early learning process, using blocks, coins, or whatever you have handy to use for counting when handling math problems is a good start!  Of course later on as they get a little older they will be expected to do mental math.  Introducing word problems at a young age is also a great idea to help them learn how to dissect them.  This will give them an edge as they progress through school.

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Another handy resource for you child is the internet!  There are so many good websites out their { and videos too! } that can walk your child through the tough spots.  I'm not ashamed to say that I have watched many a YouTube videos on math formulas for college myself.  Here's a website that offers some great free math learning resources, click here!  There are so many good websites for teaching math out there.  You just have to look!  Also, don't forget about free online math games to help boost skills.  Your child will be learning core math skills and won't even realize it because it's a game!

Some Great Free Games For Learning Math

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