09 February 2012

Clipix Helps You Organize Your Life

Now there's a great way to save and organize your life with Clipix, a free and useful tool that is helping people everywhere organize their life online!  With clipix, you can "Clip" anything online and then save it on one of your personalized boards to come back to.
So how exactly does it work?  Well, you add the "Clip" button provided on the Clipix website to your bookmarks bar.  Then, anytime you find something online you want to save to come back to, you just hit the button in your bookmarks bar, find the exact picture or piece of information from that website you want to save, and then save it to one of your designated boards.  Simple!  There's also an iPhone app for Clipix so you can take your "clips" on the go!
I like saving recipes I find online, so Clipix works great for that!  I can save them all to come back to later!  I also love shoes, and with Clipix I can have my private window shopping collection at my fingertips.  Oh a girl can dream!  Below is a picture of a board I have started on Clipix called "Great Shoes".

Other fun ways to use Clipix is for gift ideas, saving interesting articles, vacation ideas, decorating ideas, fun activities, and more!  How would you use Clipix?  Sign up today!

Want to know more?  Watch this great video to hear all about Clipix!

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