10 February 2012

Day 10 of the 21 Day Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge

Today is Day 10 of the 21 Day Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge put on by Dustin Maher, author of Fit Moms for Life.  Some of you may have noticed I missed yesterday.  I admit it, I failed yesterday.  I had been at school for half the day taking midterms and I was exhausted!  As much as I wanted to workout, it just wasn't going to happen.  I listened to my body and rested. Feeling bad about yesterday, I put in a good strong workout today.  I did a full hour of cardio and strength training.  I think tomorrow I may switch it up and use my elliptical as I'm getting kind of bored with the same routine.  I'm also trying to recruit my husband into taking walks with me in the mornings a couple days a week.  

What I was proud of today:  That I put in the longest workout so far in the program and I survived, lol!
What I could of done better:  Not had the Penne at Applebee's for lunch.  :( 

Here's some other wonderful mom bloggers in this month's challenge.  Stop by and give them some support!


  1. You have to listen to your body. Great job at doing the whole workout. I have that as a goal, to do the whole thing once a week. Otherwise I split it up every other day. I am also doing something different tomorrow so that I am not just doing these workouts. Thinking something on the wii. Good luck this weekend and have a good break from your exams!

  2. Heidi,

    Don't ever feel bad about missing out. It's good to take a rest day once or twice a week. Especially if you have been hitting it hard.

    You are doing a great job!!


  3. Sometimes days just go like that and rather than beat ourselves up about it we can just rest and start again the next day. I think you were smart to listen to your body.