10 February 2012

Easy Tip To Boost Your Blog Traffic!

If you're looking for an easy way to boost your blog traffic, focus on your blog post photos.  Yep, it can be that easy!  Are you tagging your blog photos properly?  Tagging your photos properly makes them easier to find.  If you've ever searched Google images, then you know how it works.  You type in a search term, you get photos for that search result.  Correctly tagging your photos can get your photos seen, which can lead them of course to your blog!

Let's take for example one I see a lot when I copy a giveaway event badge I'm participating in to put on my blog's homepage.  I'm specifically talking about those that don't have the nice code already under it for you.  I'm talking the ones where you need to save the image to your computer first.  So I right click to save the badge and it automatically pops up let's say something like ChristmasBadge5789.  Well, you can change that of course before you actually save it to your computer.  How you save photos is by thinking in terms of internet searches.  So for example, I would probably change this to Christmas-Blog-Hop or even Christmas-Blog-Hop-Giveaway.  The dashes I use indicate where you would put a space in an internet search.

This is key to remember when choosing how to save your uploaded photos you are going to use on your blog.  If your photos mass save under one name like mine do when uploading, go back in and take the time to personally label each one accordingly.  You can also think of it this way:  If I'm searching photos on Google to find a cute Valentine's Day card craft, I'm probably going to see your photo if it's been labeled Valentine's-Day-Card-Craft rather than something that's been tagged BlogPhoto32.  It takes an extra step of time, but it could mean more traffic to your blog later on! 

If I'm not using personal photos, I'm either using company provided photos for my reviews (which are usually already tagged properly by the company which is nice!), or I use a royalty free image site like MorgueFile.com.  You will usually need to change the name of royalty free images when you save them to better suit your blog post needs.  Just remember:  Think of search terms!  It really does make a difference!

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