14 March 2012

80Bites Weight Loss Program Week 3 Review

If you missed my last week's post: Week 2 of the 80Bites diet, you can see my review here!  

I'm happy to announce that I am trying a new approach to weight loss.  It's the 80Bites program!  The 80Bites program is a whole new take on dieting and a close look at how much we are eating.  Thanks to the wonderful folks at 80Bites I am getting to review their full length program, which consists of 12 weeks.
Week 3 wraps up the concept of Quantity.  Particularly in Week 3, there is an emphasis on thinking before and while you chew!  The goal is to actually think about the chewing process in detail.  The longer you take to chew each bite, the more saliva you are going to be adding to each bite.  Saliva contains enzymes that actually help break down each bite before it even hits your stomach!  If you think of it this way, chewing each bite slowly and thoroughly really makes a difference.

Another part of Week 3 is about observing how others eat.  I eat out a couple times a week for breakfast with my husband while the kids are in school, kinda like our date days as we like to call them.  I used these days this past week to observe (unnoticed of course!) others and how they eat.  I found this part of the week to be interesting.  Most people I noticed barely chewed each bite!  I really used this past week's information to get my own bites thoroughly chewed and to listen to some key advice like "put your fork or sandwich down in between bites because it's not going anywhere!".  I'm happy to announce I'm down 1 more pound - for 5 pounds lost total so far!

I encourage you to check out the 80Bites website and have a look around.  If you want to get the same membership as I have, the 12 week program, the cost is $49.99 available through their site.
* If you're not quite ready to start the program, but would like a take on counting and keeping track of your bites, the 80Bites app is available through the iTunes and Android app store!

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*Disclosure: This post is chronicling my journey through the 80Bites program which was provided at no cost to me in exchange for my honest weekly review and opinions.  All opinions in this review are 100% my own and are not a result of any outside influence.

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