21 March 2012

80Bites Weight Loss Program Week 4 Review

If you missed my last week's post: Week 3 of the 80Bites diet, you can see my review here

I'm happy to announce that I am trying a new approach to weight loss.  It's the 80Bites program!  The 80Bites program is a whole new take on dieting and a close look at how much we are eating.  Thanks to the wonderful folks at 80Bites I am getting to review their full length program, which consists of 12 weeks.
Week 4 starts the next focus of "Frequency".  Watching how much you eat and how often you eat are key, but I also learned something interesting this week regarding dental hygiene.  Did you know that brushing your teeth can help you reduce hunger cravings?  Neither did I until this week!  Brushing your teeth is like a little cue to your body that a meal is complete and that in turn satisfies your need to eat for the time being.  So not only do you get sparkling pearly whites throughout the day, you help curb cravings!  
A good way to use this I learned this week is to brush your teeth when you feel an unnecessary snack craving coming on, especially for those pesky late night snacking habits.  I have tried this trick and it does work to get past wanting to grab something to snack on.  Of course this past week has also been about maintaining around those 80 bites a day!  I'm still losing weight so I can attest this program is working great for me so far!
 I encourage you to check out the 80Bites website and have a look around.  If you want to get the same membership as I have, the 12 week program, the cost is $49.99 available through their site.
* If you're not quite ready to start the program, but would like a take on counting and keeping track of your bites, the 80Bites app is available through the iTunes and Android app store!
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*Disclosure: This post is chronicling my journey through the 80Bites program which was provided at no cost to me in exchange for my honest weekly review and opinions.  All opinions in this review are 100% my own and are not a result of any outside influence.

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