30 April 2012

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Review

Do you have trouble with dry or damaged hair?  As someone with curly hair, I battle with this issue on a regular basis.  Finding the right shampoo and conditioner that actually truly nourishes can be a challenge.  Recentally I had the chance to review Garnier Fructis' Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner.  Their formula contains Olive, Avocado, and Shea oil, so I figured this has to do something for my dry and damaged hair!  Well, it did!  After my first use I started noticing more moisture in my locks.  After a week of using this duo, my hair appears to be getting healthier and is still retaining more moisture than before.  I think I found my new weapon against my dry and damaged hair!

Another thing I'm loving is these bottles are 30% recycled plastic and are 10% lighter, saving over 125 tons of plastic annually!  Getting behind companies that care about the environment is important to me, so Garnier Fructis got bonus points in this department!  If you have dry or damaged hair I would definitely recommend getting your hands on the Triple Nutrition duo and seeing what it can do for you.  If my hair showed improvement, I can bet yours will!

You can find the Triple Nutrition line at major retailers and grocery stores nationwide.  The shampoo and conditioner each retail for around $3.99 for the 13 oz. bottles and $6.99 for the 25.4 oz. bottles.

*Disclosure:  I received sample products from the above named company, in partnership with BzzAgent, in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and are not a result of any outside influence.

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