16 July 2012

Finding Scholarships And Grants

Are you looking for scholarships or grants to help you pay for college?  ScholarshipsOnline.org is a national online database of scholarship and education grants that you can search through for free!  You can also sign up for email alerts for new postings!  

From this website you can search for scholarships and grants by category such as Agriculture, Criminal Justice, Nursing, and more.  There is also a great section of the website that lists the Top 100 Scholarship Tips. One tip is to look for local organizations and corporations that are known for giving away scholarships.  Another great tip listed is to look at state government websites that usually offer grants, as well as scholarships.

There is also a resources section of this website that will give you the links to important websites that will aid you in your search for scholarships and grants.  There is of course the Federal Student Aid website listed, as well as many others such as The National Association of Scholarships, The National Merit Scholarship Association, and more!  Having plenty of resources to find the most opportunities is key when trying to get help with funding for college and this website is one not to miss!  So head on over and check it out!

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