09 July 2012

Upcycle Your Kids' Old Clothes!

Give a new life to that pile of old clothes that your child no longer fits into!  Here are 5 fantastic different ways that you can upcycle your kids' old threads...

1)  How about making a Skirt Pillow?  Here's a fun idea for creating pillows out of old jean skirts.  This blogger gives a great step by step tutorial!

2)  Use jeans to make a cute lamp shade for your child's room!  Watch the video tutorial here.

Photo Credit:  SuperSimpleWithTerrio.com

3)  Try making an Upcycled T-Shirt Dress with your daughter's old clothes!  Get the full tutorial here.

PhotoCredit:  IAmMommaHearMeRoar.net

4)  T-Shirt Quilts are a fun way to upcycle your children's clothes and will be a fun keepsake as they get older.  Check out the excellent step by step tutorial here!

5)  How about making baby bibs from upcycled threads?  Get the pattern and instructions here!

Photo Credit:  ALittleTipsy.com

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