22 August 2012

Family Reaches Out To Help Toddler Fight For His Life


One thing I am very passionate about is urging people to sign up as a bone marrow donor.  You may have seen a previous post of mine I wrote in March about the how's, and why's of registering.  You can view that post here.  This time around I wanted to share a touching story of a family who is reaching out to the public to help find a bone marrow donor for their son Quinlan.  Quinlan is 20 months old and has been diagnosed with M7 AML, which is the lesser common strain of the two main forms of leukemia that is found in children. Quinlan's best chances of survival are through finding a bone marrow donor match.  Finding a donor is not an easy task, as only 1 in 20,000 ever get the call to come forward and donate.  With every new donor registered, those chances become just a little brighter! 
Photo Credit:  Progress-Index.com
When you register to become a bone marrow donor through DKMS, you join 3.5 million others who have joined in the fight!  You can order your free swab kit here, or by clicking the widget at the top of this post!  This link will also provide you with how the donation process works and if you are eligible to become a donor or not.  You can also check to see if any local drives are coming to your area by taking a peek at their event calender here.  It looks like Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, and Wisconsin have some coming up soon!

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