04 August 2012

Scholastic Ghost Buddy "Mind If I Read Your Mind" Review

Follow Billy and Hoover as these two friends go on amazing adventures in the Ghost Buddy children's book series by New York Times best selling authors Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver.  What makes this book series so fun and unique is that these friends are not your ordinary pairing, seeing as that one is a boy and the other is a ghost!  In "Mind If I Read Your Mind", the second book in the ghost buddy series, Billy realizes he might just have the perfect idea for his upcoming class contest.  With a ghost as a friend, how can you go wrong with a little mind reading performance to wow his classmates?  It just so seems that things can get a little tricky when Billy starts spending more time with his new friends on the 6th grade team and Hoover the ghost starts to feel left behind and doesn't stand for it!

I like the easy to read chapter format of this book since I have four girls ranging in age from 8-12 and all of them can pass this around and be able to read it easily!  It's important to keep kids reading, even during this summer downtime, and this series does a great job of keeping kids interested.  For more ways to get kids interested in reading check out these cool reading games!  We were also sent the first book in this series to review, "Zero To Hero", and all the girls are eagerly getting through both of them.  I love the basis of these books.  The whole having a ghost as a friend that can do amazing things and go on adventures with you, all while you're the only one that can see them is fantastic!  I can see why this series is a big hit!  If you want a good series to introduce to your kids, this one is an excellent choice.  You can purchase "Mind If I Read Your Mind" here!

Coming Soon:  "How To Scare The Pants Off Your Pets" - The 3rd Book In This Series!

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